How Genocide Becomes “Acceptable”

I’ve lived in a number of different countries. Not holidayed there. Actually lived there and mingled with the citizens. Its an experience that teaches you a lot of things, but the main one is that people are the same the world over. Every individual just wants a decent life where they can care for and nurture their families. Except there must be exceptions to this rule, for how else can individuals transform themselves into mass murderers and commit genocide as in Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia, Mao’s China, or Pol Pot’s Cambodia?

In the book “The Year of Living Dangerously”, a true story of escape from Cambodia’s killing fields, the hero’s girlfriend urge’s him to flee from the approaching Communist forces while there is still time. He says “Relax, when the soldiers arrive, I will reason with them, it will be OK”. Except it isn’t. The soldiers that arrive are brutal incoherent thugs, completely beyond reason, who kill at the drop of a hat. They are totally consumed with hate for the West.

While reading on Twitter the unbridled hatred that many young (and old) Americans have for Sarah Palin, (subject of an earlier post) it occurred to me I was observing the same kind of attitude (in embryonic form) that was exampled by the Cambodian thug communist soldiers. It was initially a mystery to me, for I was asking myself, how could this intense hatred grow, and how could it be so widespread. It had to be something systematic, but what was that system?

Its an issue I hadn’t previously given much thought to. A couple or recent events alerted me to a possible solution. I read Bill Lind’s address on Critical Theory, about the psychological tools the academic left use to make a society hate itself. I thought about this and the recent widespread irrational expressions of hatred for Conservatives that were most apparent after the Arizona shootings. The pieces fell into place.

What we are experiencing today in the West is perhaps Phase One of the plan that transforms normal people with normal ambitions and desires into hate driven genocidal maniacs. I can already hear the usual suspects calling extreme lunacy as usual, but I challenge anyone to provide any explanation for the widespread and systematic hatred that is on display in American society towards Conservatives, and is especially intense towards Conservative women (Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin for example) or Conservative blacks, or Christian Conservatives. There absolutely has to be a political force behind it.

And that force is energised by the left. By the Progressives. By the cultural Marxists. Mostly by means of their Critical Theory, where everything about the west is criticised as bad (usually on completely false grounds) and no alternative is offered. It is merely a theory that says “the west is bad, and Conservative thought is bad”, and therefore they must be destroyed. And that message is repeated like a drumbeat through every means of communication the left control. Our schools, our universities, our mass media, our entertainment sources, our bureaucracies and our governments all repeat the message and it finally receives mass acceptance.

And this is why we see ignorant school children (among others) who do not even know one real or truthful thing about Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann, writing intensely hateful messages to them and about them in social media. The process is underway where the seed is implanted and the innocent child who would otherwise grow to adulthood and aspire to normalcy, becomes the hate driven foot soldier for genocide.

The left have whined loudly recently over “heated political rhetoric” from the right. This is an old communist ploy of course. To deny outright what is an obvious guilt and reflect the charge onto your accusers. There is no doubt that if there is a problem with hate today, it is because it is being deliberately and systematically injected into society’s veins by the left. Just look at the historical record if you doubt it. Count the skulls stacked in the Cambodian killing fields and there is the measure of what it can grow to if we do not stop it.

After observing the irrational but deeply embedded Palin/ Conservative hatred expressed on Twitter and elsewhere, such as in the pages of leading newspapers and programming from broadcast television networks, I wonder if it is not too late already.