“Bipartisan” seating arrangements a ruse the Republicans need to wake up to

I was irritated to read of the proposal for “bipartisan” seating arrangements during Obama’s State of The Union speech. The idea, put forward by Democrat Mark Udal, is for Representatives to be mingled rather than sit on each side of the auditorium. To show the country that the two parties are working together for the good of the nation. This is manifest nonsense and the Republicans who have led in agreeing to participate, some of them so enthusiastically, need to be recognised as RINOS and marked down for future expulsion from the Party.

They’re the usual suspects. Slimy John McCain who has done nothing but gush over Obama since his Arizona re-election. The fake Republican Lisa Murkowski, who was elected by Alaskan Democrats. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins were panting to sign up. The traitors who have been poisoning the true intent of the Republicans for so long.

When is the Republican party going to wake up and stop being such incredibly easy meat for the left? Firstly, the premise of this move is completely wrong. To agree to the proposal means you agree with the premise, and that premise is the lie that the Democrats spread so wide after the Arizona shootings, when they claimed that event was the inevitable outcome of increasingly “heated rhetoric” coming from the “far right”.

Secondly, the real meaning of bipartisanship is compromise and I say here that no rational man who claims to believe in one thing can sign on to compromise with a second man whose stated objective is to destroy everything the first man stands for. I refer to a wonderfully accurate piece of prose from a posting on Crusader Rabbit yesterday-

‘The Left is more than ruthless, they are evil. They seek to rule, not by persuasion or honest debate, but by any means necessary. They revel in slander, character assassination and violence. They are steeped in hatred for all who oppose them. They seek to create and hold a monopoly on news media and editorial opinion; they support voter fraud and stolen elections; they prosecute political opponents on trumped-up charges in kangaroo courts. They have raised “the politics of personal destruction” to a high art form. Fairness, civility and common decency are unknown to them. I do not see the American Left as fellow citizens, I see them as sworn enemies for whom I feel little or no commonality or fraternity.’ (originally from Saber Point.)

Never a damn truer word was spoken, and what kind of man is it who can bring himself to compromise with such evil??? There is no room for bipartisanship in the government of America when one party stands for the Constitution and the other wants to destroy it. And if there are Republicans who do want to compromise, then they have no damn place in the Republican Party.

The Republicans need to reject this proposal and use said rejection to send the strong and unequivocal message to the left that they should have sent years ago. That message being-

We will have no truck with today’s un-American Democrat Party. There is a second part to the message. That part is we reject the premise of your calls for “bipartisanship”, and we reject the propaganda that underpins it. Not only now, but for every time in the future that you attempt to use such propaganda. Our objective is to destroy your party and restore every breach of the Constitution that has occurred over the last 150 years and we will never ever again allow such a cancer to grow within our Free Republic.

This is America, and we came here to escape Europe, and we will not allow you today to redefine our Republic into the very state we rejected with the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers during the War of Independence.

You sit there, we will sit here. You fight for your objective, and we will fight for ours. Today, with our Constitutional Republic under threat like never before, we reject your bipartisanship on the grounds that it is underpinned by lies and deceit, and that your objectives are far beyond the bounds of any compromise. We patriots do not want to sit amongst you, but even more strongly desire that you traitors should not sit amongst us.

The Republicans will not say this of course. Not today, but I believe that as a result of pressure from the Tea Party, the day they will is ever drawing closer.