Contemptible Media Toadies Rush To Help White House Avoid Obama Birth Certificate Question

Now that the Republicans control the house, many states have begun framing legislation aimed at requiring any Presidential candidate to provide positive identification that qualifies them according to Constitutional requirements. A person born outside the US cannot be President. Arnold Schwarzenegger for example cannot ever be a Presidential candidate as he was born in Austria. John McCain was subjected to lengthy interrogation by Democrats (including Barak Obama) who attempted to bar his candidacy because he was born outside of the US while his American parents were on military duty and stationed overseas. However there is a legislative exemption that applies in cases like McCain’s, and the Democrats failed to stop him.

Barak Obama has never produced anything other than an extremely dubious Certification of Live Birth and this has only ever been posted on the internet. Such documents are no real proof of where a person is born and are frequently given to people born overseas who have qualified as citizens. This is not the standard required if that person desires to run for President. To qualify Constitutionally, a candidate must be born in the US. The COLB does not prove this, and Obama has failed to provide any back up documentation such as a Long Form Birth Certificate identifying the hospital where the birth took place and the doctor present at the birth. So far Obama is probably a citizen, but he has completely failed to prove he was born in the US.

He has on different occasions claimed he was born at two different hospitals. Although Hawaii Dept of Health officials have claimed to have seen his LFBC, and other birth documentation on file in Hawaii, this has never been produced and Obama, who could easily sign a release allowing the public to view it, refuses to allow it to be produced.

Neil Abercrombie claims to be a long time friend of Barak Obama. He recently won the Hawaii Governorship race, and declared that he would end the controversy of Obama’s Constitutional eligibility by producing documents proving Obama’s birth. This was a bizarre claim, for the story up until then was always that the documents existed but could not be shown to the public because Obama would not sign off on their release. Had Abercrombie talked his friend Obama into releasing these documents? No such luck.

It appears that Abercrombie was just an unknowing dunce with only a superficial knowledge of the BC case and had spoken out of turn. Obama did not release the documents. Abercrombie, according to reports from his own office, searched the two hospitals but was unable to discover any documentation relating to Obama’s birth. There was nobody who had any memory of Obama being born there. Governor Abercrombie was forced to state that there was no documentation proving Obama was born in Hawaii.

So we are now in the interesting situation where states are requiring that such documentation be produced, but apparently Obama cannot produce it. If he cannot, he will be barred from a second term. Surely then it is legitimate to ask the question of the White House, “what plans do they have to deal with this possible impasse?”

Yesterday, Lester Kinsolving, WND’s correspondent at the White House Press briefing, asked the following question: “What does the President think of the move of 20% of the states to require presidential candidates to prove with documentation their natural born citizenship status in order to be on the president ballot in those states?”

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s Press Secretary refused to answer the question and successfully brushed it aside. Gibbs has always been an obsequious untrustworthy toady. His behaviour in this case is not unexpected. What is really disgraceful is the behaviour of the White House Press corp. Our mainstream media reporters and journalists as they are laughingly called. Not many people these days see them as any more than partisan traitors to the profession in which they work. Betrayers of the craft of journalism who worked hard to get Obama elected and now do all they can to keep him isolated from scrutiny and criticism.

If anyone still doubts that the media are contemptible partisan Obama supporters, I invite them to watch the very short video of yesterday’s White House incident below, and to note how quickly they leap to support Gibbs in his attempts to avoid Lester Kinsolving’s question. Jake Tapper even jerks to his feet and exits the room. Other journalists immediately begin smirking and sneering and interjecting. The furore enables Gibbs to easily avoid the question and quickly move on to the next one. The cowards and liars win again. These people are not journalists, they are part of Obama’s inner cabal of supporters and they are faking their role as reporters. The Obama government is corrupt to the core, and a big part of that corruption is that he has taken over the media.

The question Lester Kinsolving asked is a legitimate and timely question for at least two reasons. 1) What is Obama going to do about a second term if he fails to meet new Constitutional qualifications? (as looks likely) and 2) Considering the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Obama’s known connections to this group, shouldn’t the loyalty requirements the Constitution demands be important right now?

The media are complicit in a fraud. There needs to be an accounting for this fraud one day, and these cowards and liars badly underestimate the level of anger that exists towards them for their betrayal of their craft and their country. This will not be forgotten, and one day, if there is ever an opportunity to redress this wrong, those sitting smugly in the halls of power today will deeply regret their arrogance and deceit. They will not be safe forever.