China’s One Child Policy

I found it a bit rich that the Chinese government had suggested to the NZ government that extra compensation was due because the Chinese students who died in the Christchurch earthquake were “only children”, and their deaths meant their mothers and fathers were left with no means of support in their old age. Especially when one reads of how desperately and viciously the “One Child” law was enforced. The following description comes from Brookes News. Don’t read it if you’re offended by graphic descriptions of inhumanity and violence.

In the early 80′s, China decided they had to cut down on their burgeoning population. They instituted a “one-child” policy, decreeing that no woman was allowed to have more than one child. In order to enforce this draconian policy, every village in China appointed a population control officer, whose responsibility was to enforce this rule. If a woman was caught trying to have more than one child, the penalties ranged from economic penalties to burning down her house. If the woman persisted in giving birth, her whole village was penalized.

Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute, is the only living American witness to this forced abortion policy. Living in rural Guangdong in 1980, Mosher viewed (and documented) the killing huts – the huts where 9-month pregnant women were forced to go in order to have poison injected into their wombs. The women had to wait in these huts 24 hours, or until the poison forced the baby out of her womb.

If the baby was alive, it was placed in a pail of boiling water. Others were placed in an airtight jar. One particularly zealous doctor, Dr. Yin, induced premature labor. When the baby crowned, he would inject pure formaldehyde through the fontanel directly into the babies’ brain. Other babies inconveniently born alive were tossed into a pile, where they cried for many hours before finally taking their last breaths.

China practiced varying methods of abortion and prevention to find the the most efficient way to destroy these unwanted babies. And they were successful. It has been estimated that 1.7 million female babies “went missing” every year, through abortion, and/or murder by parents who needed a boy baby to take care of them in their old age.

This policy does not stop at China’s borders. Chin An, (not her real name) the population control officer of a small village whose story was chronicled by Mosher in ‘A Mother’s Ordeal’ was granted a visa to join her husband in America. She then found that she was pregnant. Having already had her quota of one child, she found that, even in America, she was being watched by Chinese agents, who informed her that her family in China and all the workers in the factory she used to work would be punished if she had this second child.

The Chinese government can pay any extra compensation that is due, since such a barbaric anti-human policy was down to them and them alone. Actions have consequences. Even for Chicom thugs.