Fact- Barak Obama Has a Fake Social Security Number

If you watch the video linked below, you’ll see how Jack Cashil comes across as an engagingly honest person. He thinks the US has a fraud as President.

Jack bought Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father” one day to idle away the time at an airport. While reading the book, because Jack was a specialist in book/ writer fraud (there is such a trade) he recognised that Obama’s work demonstrated many characteristics that indicated it had been written by someone other than Obama. After investigating further, Jack wrote his own book that explains that so much of Obama’s past life is a fabrication and a fraud, and that Obama did not even write “Dreams of My Father”.

Jack is on C-Span talking about his own book “Deconstructing Obama”, and the reason I mention it is that if you watch it, you will be impressed by the honesty of his presentation. Jack has no axe to grind, he’s no zealot, he just lays his argument out there with impeccable logic and engaging good humour.

Jack’s moved onto another aspect of the Obama mystery and it his Social Security Number. That this is a fake is probably a far more tangible allegation than the matter of where Obama was born. The only way Obama could have been issued the number 042-68-4425 is if he had lived in Connecticut and he never has. The prefix 042 designates that state just as a dialing code denotes a state.

The number immediately previous to the one Obama is using was issued to a Connecticut resident in 1977. Obama was sixteen at that time. Obama’s earliest employment was in Hawaii in1975, which should be the date when and state where the number was issued. Obama wrote the number himself on the form he used to register for selective service on Sept 4th 1980. (Some have credibly argued that the Selective Service information was forged and backdated once Obama became a presidential candidate.)

Bottom line, there is no official or legal way Obama could have been issued with that number while living in Hawaii or any other state. As to how Obama may have secured that number, it is possible that he turned to his radical friends for advice.

“We invented all kinds of ways to obtain false identity papers, and got busy building multiple sets of ID for each of us and for every contingency,” writes Bill Ayers of his years in the Weather Underground. “We soon figured out that the deepest and most foolproof ID had a government-issued Social Security card at its heart.”

Most of the information in this post is sourced from Jack Cashill’s article “Another look at Obama’s Social Security number”.