Fascism Alive and Well in The Climate Change Movement

Once again we see the left engaging in their usual despicable anti-free speech strategies. This follows on from my earlier post on the use of the phrase “climate change denier”. As well as trying to bracket dissenters with holocaust deniers, the left are now using government force to try and silence opponents. Leaving aside the truth that if Australia was a free country, the Communications and Media Authority would never have this kind of power, the odious left are organising to use this government body to censor radio talk back hosts. The Herald Sun reports-

ACTIVIST group GetUp is taking on Sydney shock jock Alan Jones, demanding the broadcaster withdraw comments disputing the science of human-induced climate change. The organisation is launching proceedings with the broadcast watchdog, demanding Jones publicly and immediately revoke what it calls fabricated statements.

“It’s wrong for ultra-conservative shock-jocks like Mr Jones to deliberately mislead their audience,” GetUp’s acting national director Sam Mclean said today. “We have standards in this country which demand the truth from our broadcasters.” Action is also planned against another Macquarie Radio broadcaster, Chris Smith, organiser of today’s anti-carbon tax rally in Canberra.

Under the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (ACMA) code of practice, broadcasters are required to make reasonable efforts to ensure that current affairs material, presented as factual, is reasonably supportable and to correct errors of fact at the earliest opportunity.

[..] “Alan Jones’ complete disregard for providing a balanced view of climate change on his show is unacceptable,” Mr Mclean said, adding that his organisation’s research indicated the broadcaster had not interviewed any climate scientists who believe in the concept of human-induced climate change. “This is completely unhealthy for public discourse and a perfect example of why the ACMA code was created in the first place.”

What is unhealthy for the public is having disgusting fascists like Sam McLean telling us what is good for us and attacking freedom of speech. It seems to me that these people are so inexplicably unaware as to how angry they are making other people by behaving in the manner of the worst groups we have seen throughout human history. Are not these ignorant scum taught anything other than far left drivel?? As for using truth as justification, given the climate change scam is underpinned by a fabric of lies, exaggeration, distortion and junk science, it is yet another frequent example of how the power obsessed left have turned our world completely on its head.