Conservative Party- 55,000 Votes Not Wasted But Sending A Powerful Message

There’s much panic among the fake right at the realization that the NZ Conservative Party is much more popular than any other minor party.

In fact some smearing cowards and losers are so panicked they’re actually issuing false allegations of electoral fraud.

The claim is that the 55,000 people who voted for the Conservative Party “wasted” their vote.

Of course the votes were not wasted. They sent a powerful message, and that is that 55000 New Zealanders would rather use their vote this way than vote for the National Party.

In an election with a record low turnout, its clear there is substantial disillusionment with the National Party. They have badly failed to protect us from the predations of the left. Rather, they have amalgamated with them, in the cowardly strategy known widely and historically as “if you cannot beat them, then join them”.

National have in their sad weakness and inability to articulate an idea, rejected their founding principles and become just another broad church socialist party who have failed to protect our property and our individual rights and our traditional NZ culture.

Notwithstanding their partial success in this election, their star will wane as the borrowings they have entered into to protect the life style of urban liberal voters become too much of a burden for the country to sustain.

Those who voted National this election are in for a rude shock as their misinformed perceptions, underpinned by a lying and partisan mainstream media, are swept from beneath their feet in the face of an oncoming tidle wave of economic reality. They’ll lose their jobs, and if they’ve got heavy mortgages, they’ll lose their houses. For that, they can thank John Key and their vote for him yesterday.

Colin Craig’s political strategy emulates that of the Canadian Conservative Party, now the most powerful political movement in that country.

The Canadian Conservative party came to power in the 2006 federal election as a minority government, a position it maintained after the 2008 election, before winning its first majority government in 2011. The current party leader is Stephen Harper, who has been the Prime Minister of Canada since 2006.

The Conservative Party is only just starting in New Zealand.

This is the message sent, and its not wasted. It says we don’t want the cultural Marxism of National or Labour, and we’re coming after both of you.

From the fright on display today, I reckon that message has been directly enough sent. The 55,000 votes have done their job well.