The Socialist Elite 

Helen Klark never really had a productive job in her life. Nevertheless, I read somewhere that before making it into Parliament, as a fervid young socialist, she had managed a trip from NZ to Europe for almost every year of her life. All funded by someone else’s money.

Whilst serving as PM, it was made public that she owned something like 5 or 6 houses , and on finally being dismissed, she resigned from parliament with a huge perks package and superannuation, and then went on to a spot with the United Nations with probably an even greater salary and greater perks package and greater superannuation, and still all funded by other people’s money.

Leaving aside the fact that Klark was alleged to have bought her position with the UN by donating millions of (taxpayer) dollars more than any other NZ PM to that despicable corrupt, criminal and dysfunctional organisation.

Barack Obama has become extremely wealthy by means that have never been explained. Al Gore these days, is rolling in it.

“I am a socialist, because it stands for equality” said Tony Blair in his maiden speech to parliament. Blair became rich beyond his wildest dreams during his political career and after, with his worth today estimated at around sixty million British pounds. All underpinned by tax minimization schemes dreamed up by high ticket accountancy firms of course. (More …)