God Haters Channeling Karl Marx

I’m agnostic myself.

I understand that people may disagree with the concept of a creator.

I also understand that people may be dismissive of what is written in the different books of the bible.

I’ve got no problem with any conflict of ideas. What is starting to annoy me more than a bit about NZ at the moment is the depth of the opposition that I observe towards Christians and Christianity.

This opposition is more than just a conflict of ideas. It is in so many cases obsessive and pathological. Too frequently it is close to hatred.

NZ is a society with a strain of Marxism quite deeply embedded and I am sure that the fierce opposition I see to Christianity is a subset of this. Public opinion in this country has been manipulated for many years by means of a politically corrupt education system and a similarly corrupt news media. Both of these public institutions, along with a largely Progressive controlled entertainment industry, subliminally preach the Marxist message and therewith the anti Christian message.

The increasing intensity of the opposition to Christianity is (I believe) a result of this widespread secular progressive/ Marxist influence. Many people hold Marxist views without for one minute understanding the origins of those views or, because the views are so commonplace, even knowing that they have them. With so many, Marxism is just the default position.

Karl Marx opposed Christianity because his ideology demanded atheism. Max knew that his vision of a dictatorship of the proletariat would not happen while Christianity remained a force. He decried religion as the “opium of the people” but in reality such criticism was only strategy-based in that Marx wanted the people to buy his own drug, a toxic and destructive brew that reduces all who ingest it to despair and hopelessness.

Marxism/socialism/Progressivism is the greatest threat to our freedom and way of life that exists in NZ. It is bemusing that people (even if they do perceive it as a negative social influence) choose to put energy into attacking Christianity when Marxism is not only breathing down our necks, its actually got its damn hands around our throats and is choking the life out of us.

The truth is that this fierce opposition to Christianity is part of the Marxist plan. Disagreement is one thing, but when you wage war against Christianity, especially if you do it in the name of freedom, you’re making a mistake.

Those political forces who currently seek the destruction of religion and ultimate power over this country have a fate in store for you much worse than you ever thought Christianity might bring upon you. And while you have been obsessing over this relatively piffling issue, they have made great strides forward in achieving their long term totalitarian objectives.

If you consider yourself a protector of liberty, don’t assist our enemies by allowing them to manipulate you into hating a force they want to see destroyed because it is a major impediment to their plans for a modern day dictatorship of the proletariat. Anyone intelligent should know better.