A New Year Message For John Key

Key Bucket List

Well, I have always disliked this unprincipled lame little boy politician, and his bucket list ambition to be PM, and his betrayal of almost everything that the National Party once stood for while seeking the “popularity” that is his be-all and end-all.


His political emptiness has long been apparent, but it was his radio appearances in the lead up to the Christmas holidays that really emphasized (to me anyway) just what a waste of time this fellow really is.

key gay marriage

While I no doubt risk being lumped into David Farrar’s “humour impaired” category for not chortling gleefully over what a “natural personality” John Key is compared to say Helen Klark, I found the PM’s descent to the simian level of morning radio, where he out imbeciled the imbeciles, to be the most nauseating event.


Key groveled sickeningly to the audience and his hosts, and danced in Gangham style (made popular by a US hating Korean “pop star”) and carried out a mock homosexual wedding ceremony. Really fitting for Christmas right?


Meanwhile, Farrar proudly advertises that John Key and Barack Obama get on so well. Yep, the NZ PM and the communist crook whose ambition is to destroy the country recognised as the leader of the free world, are bosom buddies. Something to really make you feel all warm and fuzzy and inclusive inside right?


I wonder if Key ever reflects upon how he has so completely betrayed the principles of the party he leads and whether if he does this, it ever causes any reaction other than a smug self satisfied smirk to cross his face.


At the time of Klark’s dismissal, the country needed a political leader of vision and clarity, able to articulate a new political direction and with a rhetorical ability to persuade the country to follow him in his mission.

Key Tama Iti crop

Well, we dipped out there big time. Key has no vision, he has no rhetoric, he cannot articulate a reformist political position, and his only concern seems to be his lame preoccupation with remaining popular.

Hence his appearance in the cultural waste land of morning radio. Hence the events and news headlines that have characterised Key’s interventionist progressive style and Maori pandering leadership-

John Key on Letterman’s Late Show
Exodus To Australia Hits Record
Key says no to changing smacking law
Foreigners flock to New Zealand
Key and Sharples – Maori flag will fly on Waitangi Day
Govt delays asset sales
John Key Goes Gangham
I’ve never lied about Kim Dotcom
John Key had heard of Kim Dotcom after all
Facebook’s Zuckerberg meets PM John Key
John Key vows no opposition for Gay Marriage Bill
New high for Kiwis leaving for Australia
John Key in Hollywood
Key says yes to Maori flag over bridge
John Key pledges to fight Coro switch
National too timid on MMP review
Gay marriage gets PM’s full support
Is National Deliberately insulting Colin Craig?
Conservatives poll higher than ACT, United Future and Mana
How long will Key continue backing Banks?
Key: Obama Likes My Red Shirt
‘Happy outcome’ to Maori Party, PM meeting
Mighty River: Key leaves door open to Maori shares
Maori Party ‘pleased’ with PM’s meeting pledge
Writing’s on the wall for MMP referendum
Key says MMP voting system has its advantages
Govt probably rueing MMP review pledge
MMP changes bad news for National
Key slams Conservative promiscuous claim

Oh and here’s my message to Key-

Piss off.