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Hi readers. Thought a new theme may reactivate my interest in blogging. Been working fairly intensely for the last year or so but things have quietened down a bit now so maybe I will have the time. I’d so much… Read More ›

General Debate Jan 9th

American motorcyclists fight back against police checkpoints- Stilwell, joined by about 10 of his friends wearing black leather jackets, some with firearms resting in holsters on their hips, stood along the sidewalk waving signs that read “Police Checkpoint Ahead.” But… Read More ›

General Debate

Reinstated for 2012 by popular request. If you have any interesting links or comments, plese share them here. Happy New Year to all readers, and best wishes for 2012

General Debate 30/04/11

Convicted Rapist Evaluated for Heart Transplant Rochester, N.Y – There are 49 people on the waiting list for a new heart at Strong Memorial Hospital. 13WHAM News has learned that a convicted rapist serving up to 40 years in prison,… Read More ›

General Debate 27/04/11

Pastor Terry Jones imprisoned to prevent Detroit Koran protest A local judge jailed Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida and his associate Wayne Sapp after a court found their planned protest outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan,… Read More ›

General Debate 26/04/11

AN OUTSPOKEN Christian campaigner has caused outrage on Twitter by saying Australian soldiers did not fight and die for gays and Muslims. “Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for –… Read More ›

General Debate 24/04/11

An international law and order expert says successive New Zealand governments are to blame for the “scandal of the century” – a raft of offender-friendly legislation. In his newly released book, Badlands, NZ: A Land Fit for Criminals, former English… Read More ›

General Debate 19/04/11

Children are going to school hungry because their parents don’t have enough money left for food after paying exorbitant interest rates to moneylenders, budget agencies say. Family Budgeting Services Federation chief executive Raewyn Fox said her agencies’ clients owed a… Read More ›