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    The MSM- so pathetically afraid to use the C word 

    I use it as often as I can, for I know its one way to annoy the hell out of the left. They won’t ever admit to being communists. They’re always social democrats, or liberals, or progressives or some other kind of lame euphemism, for it doesn’t suit their self image to be tied to a political ideology dreamed up a couple of centuries ago and that has failed miserably everywhere it has been tried and caused the deaths of a hundred million citizens.

    However they’re still everywhere pushing their poisonous failed and evil ideology and even though they come up with a new name for it every few decades its still the same destructive force. Twitter is full of its disgusting proponents whose words echo the dictates of their ideologically greyed out masters and who call everyone sexists or racists or other divisive terms.

    I had one odious little example attack me yesterday with such allegations at the same time as her timeline is littered with references to “old white men”. (that this is a stark example of sexism and racism escapes most communists, which shows just how dull witted they are)

    She only came to my notice because of her assertion that she “despised our parliamentary prayer and the Westminster system”. Born in NZ, she’s the daughter of Bangladeshi parents who probably came to NZ as a haven from death and destruction, and in return for providing them with a stable democracy and a refuge from murder and mayhem we earn their daughter’s contempt. That is a democracy that thousands of old white men died defending from a totalitarian socialist dictator.

    But I digress-

    These kind of people reek of standard garden style communism, but they run from the word. In a very clever TV commercial Taco Bell attempts to draw customers away from McDonalds by portraying the latter as a communist state where everything is the same. Most of all breakfast. The ad is fairly hard hitting and has caused considerable comment in the US. I thought it was very well done. However the remarkable thing is that in all of the criticism that the MSM has repeated, very few of them have alluded to the obvious overtones of communism that are integral to the ad.

    US Today, Fortune Magazine, Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, and many other MSM outlets all referenced the commercial without using the word communism. Just amazing, and gives rise to the question- “Why would that be so”? I’ll tell you what I think. Because its a reflection on Barack Obama and every other damn progressive out there who will not face up to what they really are. Agents for communist inspired change and revolution who only disagree about the rate such change should occur.

    Story sourced from Newsbusters.

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    Caution needed on global procurement deal 

    John Key and the National government are trumpeting an international agreement that they say will open up a $US1.7 trillion market to New Zealand exporters.

    Forty-three World Trade Organisation members, including Hong Kong, the European Union and the United States, are already signed up. Trade Minister Tim Groser said the deal is a huge bonus for the country’s exporters.

    “We’ve been excluded from, we think about, $US1.7 trillion in terms of the available market, with the biggest one of all the US market. It puts New Zealand exporters on a level playing field with other companies.”

    What it really means of course is that NZ companies will be able to compete with international companies meeting the tendered needs of signed up governments. It also means those international companies can likewise bid on NZ contracts.

    Given the corruption that already exists in so many overseas markets, and the intellectual property infringements that occur by way of software piracy and patent infringments, (China leads the world in both) I’m not sure that the “level playing field” concept used to justify this agreement is all that accurate. For example Communist Chinese companies paying slave wages and being most likely corrupt and cronyist will be in the same bid pool as legitimate NZ companies.

    The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee has recommended to Parliament that, on balance, the agreement would benefit New Zealand. “On balance” is the key phrase here. I’d like to see the actual calculations underpinning this recommendation, and be assured they took into consideration the fact that what we are getting into here is a big pond full of very big sharks.

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    Conquest by womb 

    I picked up this quote from a forum somewhere and can’t find its actual origin.

    “Back in 1961 the population of Pakistan was 43 million it is now 188 million, in Nigeria it was 45 million it is now 179 million, in India it was 439 million and now it is 1.29 billion. We must realise that this isn’t about hatred, it isn’t about racism, it is about survival. This is how our countries become their countries and how eventually our children lose their birthright.

    At the end of WW2 European peoples made up 33% of the worlds population, it is now less than 8%. Sadly as we are out bred our culture and history will become less and less important, until one day they are finally forgotten. We have spent fortunes trying to fight poverty amongst other cultures but all we have succeed in doing is boosting their numbers, and for all our technology our future is in doubt due to what can only be described as conquest by womb.

    It’s interesting food for thought, and I think its pretty much inarguable that European womens’ wombs in western civilisations are pretty much under-utilized. 80% of NZ’s population growth in the last couple of decades has been the net inflow of non NZ citizens.

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      I have a book titled “How Civilisations Die”. It supports what you say about western civilisation but argues that Islam is dying too. Iran’s birthrate is already among the world’s lowest. When women become self indulgent or see little hope in the future for their children they close their legs and that’s become common as we get richer and more depressed. It sounds weird but its a good read.

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        It does seem a common theme, the richer you get the more depressed you become.

        Not sure about “see little hope in the future for their children they close their legs ” It seems to me to be the opposite. The poor breed like rabbits everywhere including here.

        What I don’t understand is why bring children into the World, when you have no idea of how you are going to feed and look after them.

        In the west it is the welfare system, but that is just not sustainable long term In third World countries it is lunacy, years of droughts, famine, war and still we have people holding out malnourished babies asking for food.

        I do not give to any charity outside New Zealand 1. because the administration costs means so little actually gets to the needy and 2. it really makes no difference nothing changes.

        Ask World vision and others how much their CEO’s get paid for their fundraising efforts.

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    What Progressives never got about Lee Kuan Yew 

    Lee Kuan Yew campaigns

    Lee Kuan Yew was a remarkable man, a giant of our times who showed the world that through action rather than rhetoric, that respect for the rule of law, good manners, hard work, determination, self-reliance and practical mindedness will pave the way to success. His most important legacy is governance free of left wing ideologies.

    The only ideology that he adhered to was what worked. The West today can really take a page out of this style of governance. We are increasingly hampered by impractical leftist ideologies championed by our media that are slowly but surely driving us into the abyss.

    However there is another point to be made about Lee Kuan Yew. When he died Monday at age 91, the founding father of Singapore did not leave just his legacy as the prime minister whose anti-left policies shaped a backwater British colony into the world’s fourth-wealthiest nation. The International Business Times reports-

    He also left Singaporeans with one of the most formidable armies in the world. The tiny island state of 5.4 million, with a land area far smaller than New York City’s, has more fighter jets than Spain, Poland or Sweden. Its army has as many tanks as Italy, which is more than 400 times the size. Its navy boasts the only stealthy ships in the region.

    The respected defense publication IHS Jane’s called the Singapore Armed Forces “the best-equipped military in Southeast Asia.”

    Singapore spends more on weapons than anybody else near it. Its 2013 defense budget was $12 billion, according to an analysis published in East Asia Forum by Michael Raska, a research fellow at Singapore’s Nanyang University. That money has bought Singapore advanced American warplanes whose capabilities eclipse anything fielded by other states in the region. For example, it flies the latest version of the F-15, a fighter jet so lethal the U.S. has sold it only to four other nations: Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

    Singapore’s defense budget dwarfs that of neighboring Indonesia, which spent $7.9 billion that year, but has 250 million people. Malaysia, which lies on Singapore’s other border, spends even less. NZ doesn’t even spend $3 billion.

    What liberals never got about Lee Kuan Yew was that he fully understood the threat of communist insurgency. He knew how it wormed its way into a nation and corroded it from the inside. His domestic policies were often underpinned by doing what was necessary to prevent the establishment of communist beachheads in Singaporean society.

    His defence policies show he also knew it was a threat externally. Both ways, he had those commie bastards beat and that is what made him so much more the real leader who towered over his weak drooling and submissive counterparts in Western countries.

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      A good example of speak softly and carry a big stick.

      I doubt if they bothered to send a token training force to Iraq to give legitimacy to the corrupt Government there.

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      But what now for Singapore now that Lee Kuan Yew is gone. Will his influence slowly recede and socialist influences start creeping in like the cancer they have become in the West?

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        Highly likely. I have read recent news items from Singapore that suggest this is happening already. So few people fully understand the Communists and how far their tentacles reach. Lee Kuan Yew was one who did. I’m not sure his successors have that same understanding.

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    India more civilised than NZ? Supreme court strikes down anti-free speech legislation 

    The ABC reports that India’s top court has struck down a controversial law that made posting “offensive” comments online punishable by jail, a rare victory for free speech campaigners in a country criticised for a series of recent bans.

    The Supreme Court said the 2009 amendment to the Information Technology Act known as section 66A was an unconstitutional curb on freedom of speech.

    The Supreme Court had been asked to examine the legality of the amendment, which makes sending information of “grossly offensive or menacing character” punishable by up to three years in jail.

    Law student Shreya Singhal, who filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the amendment welcomed Tuesday’s ruling as a “big victory”.

    “The internet is so far-reaching and so many people use it that it is very important for us to protect this right today, now,” she said. “Governments have their own political agenda. A law has to be for the people.”

    Amy Adams should take note and reflect upon the fact that what she and her law Commission toadies are doing in NZ with National’s Harmful Digital Communications bill would not make the grade in India. Don’t let the uneducated socialist thugs of the Law Commission drag this country down Amy.

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      So what are we going to have a list of things you can and cannot say on the basis that somebody somewhere may or may not be offended

      What happens if your offended that somebody else is offended..

      What would the burden of proof be. Sound like more work for overpaid lawyers if you ask me.

      Just tell them to HTFU.

      You wont shut the freedom of speech only drive it underground, of offshore.

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        • Mr_Blobby 14:20 on March 25, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          And so true.

          The thin end of the wedge.

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        Mr_Blobby, I had a quick glimpse of the HDC amendments, and it looks like you won’t be able to say anything that can be seen as discriminatory. So if you say Pakeha are big earners than Pacific Islanders, that will be called discrimination and hate speech. I know in the amendments it said something about race, religion, gender, etc as things you can’t speak out against. That if someone is offended by it, you’ll be in trouble.

        • Mr_Blobby 11:10 on March 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Thin end of the wedge.

          But in reality the wedge is in further than most people realize, until it is to late.

          We may have to resort to posting on offshore websites.

          • Meatloaf3 01:43 on March 27, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            Yes Mr_Blobby, everyday we lose more and more of our liberties. I’m not entirely sure what liberties we have left. If this bill passes, I’m not entirely sure what we will be able to say. But the worst part is, if we pass this, everybody else will be expected to follow suit. We proudly boast that we are leaders of social change. So we are in grave danger if this passes.

    • KG 03:50 on March 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Posting in offshore web sites won’t be an option – local ISPs will have to do the court’s bidding and you’ll find your internet access cut off.

    • Redbaiter 13:04 on March 28, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Surprisingly the only avenue to stopping this at the moment in NZ seems to be Peter Dunne. However I suspect he’s only using his dissent as a means to trade off on something else.

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    Tuesday morning smile 

    outraged muslims

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    Where ISIS supporters tweet from 

    Isis tweeter locations

    The graphic says it all really. Check the US and UK numbers. The enemy is among us.

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    The Muslim Manifesto 2015 

    One of the big problems with the Muslim religion is that it is their law. Whereas the West draws a distinct line between religion and the state, there is no such line in Islam. Their religion is their state.

    This fundamental difference should warn any multi-culturalist with even half a brain of the dangers of Islamic immigration to Western countries. It is a clear oil and water situation.

    In fact UK Muslims have their own 33 point political manifesto. Its not a secret. Its on the web in plain black and white. The concept is the brainchild of the Institute for Muslim Community Development, a self described “independent think-tank which aims to facilitate the positive growth of the Muslim community in Britain”.

    The most significant article in the manifesto I thought was this one-

    28. Recognise Muslims have a distinct ‘way of life’ (deen) which opposes any understanding of religion or faith as separate from other aspects of life.

    There is your warning multi-culturalists, as stark as you would ever want it. In fact, this point should be at number one on the manifesto, for the other 32 points are really nothing more than an extension of the main issue here. Muslims have a culture that is different to Western culture and they will not change it.

    Here are a few more controversial points from the manifesto-

    1. Defend the right to a Muslim way of life, including halal meat; religious clothing; circumcision; and flexible working to accommodate Ramadan and festival observance.

    2. Oppose all forms of hate crime, including Muslim-hate, Anti-Semitism and all other types of racism, whilst also promoting and enhancing community safety.

    4. Support efforts to accurately remember Muslim and non-Muslim histories including oppressive and genocidal actions against Muslim peoples by British and European peoples.

    5. Commit to ethical British foreign policies that uphold the human rights of all peoples.

    6. Affirm the importance of faith schools within the overall provision.

    10. Eliminate the root causes of institutional discrimination against Muslims and introduce tougher legislation to prevent it.

    17. Introduce more robust legislation to curb media hate campaigns against Muslims.

    18. Guarantee the Muslim community the opportunity to evolve independently of government social engineering programmes.

    20. Acknowledge and celebrate Muslim contributions to knowledge and civilization including European civilisation.

    22. Encourage enquiry into the effects of oversexualisation of public spaces upon young people.

    23. Support the introduction of more rigorous and analytical religious education in all British schools that takes a balanced and critical approach to all the major world religions.

    25. Support a holistic improvement of faith school education and stop the current securitization agenda.

    The whole manifesto is here. I suggest all multi-culturalists go there and read it and then reflect on why they think encouraging Muslim immigration into Western countries is a good thing, and why it will not lead to highly damaging political and social conflict in the future.

    • Caleb 21:08 on March 19, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting that they want to be treated without discrimination but dont acknowledge that this cannot happen without discriminating against everyone else. Wolf in Sheep’s clothing and only an idiot cant see it.

    • Ashley Schaeffer 11:05 on March 20, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      “18. Guarantee the Muslim community the opportunity to evolve independently of government social engineering programmes.”

      When they figure this one out, could they let the rest of us know how as well please.

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    Tobacco companies threaten to take Irish govt to court over plain packaging laws 

    Three tobacco companies have now threatened legal action over Ireland’s new plain packaging tobacco laws. Japan Tobacco International, Philip Morris and Imperial Tobacco have all written to the government through three different legal firms.

    The legislation was signed into law by the President last week and will take effect on a date to be decided by the Minister for Health. Ministers have said the state is ready to stand its ground in court if necessary.

    Yep, that’s right flat out spending taxpayer money in a tyrannous attack on private property rights. I hope the govt loses and I hope it costs them millions. And I hope John Key’s National Party is keeping an eye on the happenings in Ireland.

    • Mr_Blobby 13:10 on March 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      John Keys Government is keeping an eye on the TAX revenue from smoking.

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    Chicoms building second aircraft carrier 

    China's first aircraft carrier

    China’s first aircraft carrier

    Chinese officials have confirmed that the country is currently building a second aircraft carrier, according to a number of Chinese and Taiwanese media sources.

    The former political commissar of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Liu Xioajiang told the Hong Kong Commercial Daily that that Beijing’s second carrier, which would be China’s first indigenously produced carrier, was only the start of the nation’s maritime ambitions.

    The drive to develop an aircraft carrier is in keeping with Beijing’s ambition of becoming its region’s leading military power. In addition to the carrier, China has been developing a new generation of anti-ship cruise missiles, guided missile naval destroyers, and ballistic missile submarines in an effort to more effectively project power away from the Chinese coastline.

    Well, if the new carrier ever makes a visit to Auckland the crew can be assured of a warm welcome from their countrymen who will probably dominate the place by the time its built.

    • john 07:39 on March 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Watched a news item last night explaining how China was investing in many areas of Zimbabwe economy.
      They’re everywhere.

      • Redbaiter 11:01 on March 15, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, China’s global expansion came out of a Communist Party resolution passed in the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee way back in December 1978.

        Its intent is not to allow the free west to influence China, but to strengthen communism globally and to grow the influence of the Chinese Communist Party in the west.

    • MrV 00:37 on March 16, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Carriers may be useful for showing military strength in a particular region, however when it comes to ‘war’ virtually useless. They can and will easily be sunk by modern generation hypersonic ‘carrier killer’ missiles if it came to the crunch. Ultimately it will not be worth the time and $20 billion expense having them only to be sunk by a missile that costs maybe a few million.
      That said if it came the the WWIII crunch it is likely the world would not survive.

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    Don't like the MSM? – try The Rebel 

    On Feb. 13, Sun News Network shut down putting its 200 staff out of work. Sun News was often called Canada’s Fox News, featuring reporting and analysis from a conservative point-of-view, and serving as a balance to very liberal Canadian news outlets.

    Unlike the CBC and CTV, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission denied Sun a channel on basic cable TV packages nationwide. This severely limited the amount of viewers Sun could attract.

    Sun eventually had to close through financial problems. However the people behind the broadcaster are starting again with a crowd sourced venture that they hope will eventually become a fully fledged broadcaster.

    The story of its crowd funding start up is here.

    The new web site is here.

    Its Canadian orientated of course but there’s still enough conservative stuff there to interest you no matter where you’re from.

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    Hey, time you thought seriously about encryption 

    One of the world’s leading experts in data security and privacy, Bruce Schneier, called on consumers to learn how to encrypt their digital communications to evade what he describes as constant, unregulated, mass corporate and government surveillance of personal data.

    “There are tools that are easily searchable that you can use to protect your privacy,” Mr Schneier said.”I recommend using them all. I recommend encrypting your hard drive, encrypting your cell phone.There are apps so that you can make sure you use an encrypted link between you and your web server; there are apps for encrypted messaging.”

    Last week Australian Federal Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull acknowledged he used the secret messaging service, Wickr, which encrypts and then destroys messages. (Yeah well that fits, but is it legal for a Govt Minister to destroy his communications?)

    “We’re giving away a lot of privacy,” Mr Schneier said. “The ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ argument is ridiculous. Privacy is not about something to hide. Privacy’s about human dignity, privacy’s about individuality. Privacy is about being able to decide when we show ourselves to other people.

    “The harm is being under constant scrutiny.We know that people who are under constant surveillance are more conformist, they’re less individual, less free.”

    While people have questioned the extent of government surveillance, there was too little discussion about the vast streams of personal data being logged every day by corporations and often given to governments, Mr Schneier said.

    “I think of it as the public-private surveillance partnership,” he said. “It’s really hard to separate the two because data the government collects, corporations use; data that corporations collect, governments use.They both help each other, they support each other.”

    • The Gantt Guy 05:50 on March 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I spent a thoroughly fascinating half-hour yesterday, watching Judge Napolitano and Gen Michael Hayden debate this issue – specifically through the lens of the NSA – at CPAC. The Judge had The General dancing on the head of a pin, torturing language trying to justify the mass-collection of “meta-data”.

      Red, do you have any specific suggestions as to things like email client, web browser, apps etc. that you recommend?

      • Redbaiter 11:10 on March 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        No, to be truthful I haven’t looked into it too closely. Tor browser is about the only one I have used that tries to be really untraceable but if you use it you have to sacrifice a lot of the bells and whistles of the other browsers. Its by nature slow too of course.

        Various browsers have security options. Firefox has a quite a few options to maintain security but I wouldn’t know how effective they are. Same with their Thunderbird email system. There is also Hushmail.

        I just seethe over the whole damn business, as I regard it as initially avoidable. It annoys me to see left wingers like Hager etc getting all self righteous on spying when it is generally their policies that have allowed the terrorists to merge among our societies, and thereby create the need for extra surveillance.

        We had a culture that was fine by me. What the hell was so lacking in that culture that it needed to be mixed with so many other cultures? Now we pay the price in so many ways for the wrong ideas of the Progressive idiots who thought it insufficient. If we still had our original culture, the need for spying would be negligible.

        • Changeiscoming 11:52 on March 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          Never use Firefox – Remember they fired their CEO just because he had the nerve to make a personal donation to support marrage between one man and one women.

          • Redbaiter 12:50 on March 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply

            Yes, good point. I mostly use Pale Moon, which is an independent browser that uses the Mozilla code.

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    Greek politicians spent $NZ154 billion they didn't have 

    At the end of 2014, Greeks owed their government about $US86 billion (or $NZ154 billion) in unpaid taxes accrued over decades. The government says only less than 10% of that can be recovered, with the rest lost to insolvency.

    Billions more in taxes are owed on never-reported revenue from Greece’s vast underground economy, which was estimated before the crisis to equal more than a quarter of the country’s gross domestic product.

    One has to wonder at how socialists do these things. How could things get so out of control that Greek politicians spent this much, when it didn’t exist, and why did the people keep voting for them? When the politicians were proposing ideas that they citizens didn’t want to fund anyway??

    And only a few months ago in another inexplicable example of widespread madness, they voter for more of the same. The only real answer to this question has to be that socialism is an event of mass delusional insanity.

    It infects NZ at the moment. NZers have to wake up to the fact they’re voting for two main parties that have no problem with taking $100 billion or more from the NZ economy. How much of that really exists? That about $6 billion goes each year paying interest on overseas debt might give you some clue.

    Moody’s issued some cautionary notes, but basically said Greece was going OK back in the 2000s, when this debt was starting to accumulate. Today they’re saying the same thing about NZ.

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    National Front to become France’s largest political party 

    Marine Le Pen

    Marine Le Pen

    The latest polling data on the upcoming French elections puts the National Front on 29 per cent, ahead of both the opposition UMP party (25 percent) and the ruling Socialists (21 percent). The country votes on March 22nd and 29th to elect representatives in each of the country’s 101 counties.

    A large part of the party’s growth is due to French Jews increasingly turning to the National Front as they see it as the best bolster against the rising threat of Islamism.

    The support of the Jewish society completes a major phase of change for the party under Marine Le Pen, who took the party over from her father Jean-Marie 5 years ago when it was considered anti-semitic.

    Political pundits are predicting the National Front will attract at least 30 to 33% of the vote by the time of the elections.

    These results will be very encouraging for Marine Le Pen as she looks forward to the 2017 presidential election in which she is expected to make a run-off vote, possibly against either Sarkozy or Hollande.

    The Local

    • Why I joined the Front National 05:18 on March 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Jews represent about 0.1% of the population in France. French Jews cannot be a large part of the party’s growth. Except if you include their influence on the media (where they are clearly over-represented. But mentioning a Jewish influence on the media, or simply saying the words “Jewish influence” (as the former socialist minister of foreign affairs Roland Dumas said about current socialist prime minister Manuel Valls), or even talking about a Jewish lobby is seen as anti-Semitic here in France… Political correctness killed cleverness.

      • Redbaiter 11:03 on March 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Yes, fair point. It probably could have been worded better as numerically, French Jews could not make any major difference. More accurately, I think the idea is that the party today does not suffer from being labeled anti-semitic as in the past and this is a change that has brought it much wider support.

    • datastorm 11:21 on March 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The continuing rise of nationalist parties is really encouraging. It’s an obvious response to the gap between the Euro elite and the people of those nations growing ever wider. I suspect multiculturalism has enjoyed its high water mark already. And by quite a few years.

      • Redbaiter 12:13 on March 9, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Its interesting to me how these “elite” are apparently conscious of the gap but still determined to press on with their misguided Utopian plan. Given the long lasting damage they have caused, there needs to be some consequences for this deliberate arrogance.

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    Chinese rulers demand universities indoctrinate students in Marxist thinking 

    Chinese Marxism To be honest, I was a little surprised to read that Marxism was important in China. I’m no expert at all but I’d always believed that Chinese communism was different to the Western variety due to its Maoist influence. I thought it was Maoism rather than Marxism.

    However the Economist reports that Chinese officials are stepping up a govt campaign to control what universities teach. They see a need to quell any creeping influence of what they call “western values’ and ensure that the only ideas students are exposed to are Marxist ideas. Quite a bit like western universities I guess but just a little less subtle.

    According to the Economist, officials have been speaking in the harshest terms heard in years about the danger of “harmful Western influences” on campuses, and the need to tighten ideological control over students and academic staff.

    The Communist Party appoints University Presidents. Its committees on campuses vet the appointment of teaching staff. Students are required to study Marxist theory and socialism. Students sign up for party membership in droves, believing it to be a path to career success.

    On January 19th Xinhua, a state-controlled news agency, published a summary of a document issued secretly by the central authorities in October. It directed universities to “strengthen” their efforts to spread the party’s propaganda and promote its ideology. It told them to educate students better in the history of the party. The document also urged educators “firmly to resist infiltration by hostile forces”.

    Yuan Guiren, the education minister, declared at a conference that “textbooks promoting Western values” would not be allowed in classrooms.

    On February 6th a commentary in the People’s Daily, the party’s main mouthpiece, quoted the party chief of Renmin University in Beijing as saying that Marxist thinking must “enter textbooks, enter classrooms and enter brains”.

    The crackdown appears to have been prompted by a feeling that universities are occasionally falling under the influence of liberal thinking. One newspaper, Liaoning Daily, reported late last year that 80% of students it surveyed in more than 20 universities scattered across five cities had encountered academics who had complained about China or smeared it in class.

    Hardliners had been waiting for an opportunity to pounce, and they have taken it. The Chinese Red Culture Institute stated “Those who smash the Communist Party’s cooking pot, we will take away their bowls.”

    • Brown 13:52 on March 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      While in Hong Kong the other day I bought a Barak Obama T shirt in the style of those Che Guvara ones that the left love. It has his head and shoulders in the Chairman Mao look and that Chinese communist dull clothing with the red star and collar flashes. On the back it says Oba Mao. $80 bucks to legally insult him – bargain.

    • Redbaiter 15:01 on March 8, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Great, except I’d put money on a lot of them not even recognising it as an insult. :)

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    Obama fires naval officer who tried to warn of China threat 

    U.S. Navy Capt. James Fanell, Director, Intelligence and Information Operation

    U.S. Navy Capt. James Fanell, Director, Intelligence and Information Operation

    The Army currently has 510,000 active duty members, but the Obama administration is working with Army leaders to shrink that number to somewhere between 420,000-450,000 by deactivating brigades and firing mid-level officers.

    Stars and Strips reported that over 500 Army majors will be forced out of the military by next spring; almost 1,200 captains have also been cut as part of the Obama Administration’s downsizing plan.

    And all of this is occurring at the same time as China and Russia are expanding their forces and increasing expenditure.

    However it gets worse. Capt. James Fanell, a senior Navy intelligence leader was relieved from his position as the U.S. Pacific Fleet’s director of intelligence and information operations because he made public information about China that Obama didn’t want you to hear.

    His comments, now being labeled “provocative,” revealed that after a recent Chinese amphibious exercise, naval intelligence officials assessed that China’s strategy was to be able to launch a “short, sharp war,” with Japan.

    Fannell said the following about Chinese naval intentions: “(We believe) the (People’s Liberation Army) has been given the new task to be able to conduct a short, sharp war to destroy Japanese forces in the East China Sea following with what can only be expected (as) a seizure of the Senkakus or even southern Ryukyu (islands).”

    According to Pentagon brass, this information runs counter to their daily talking points about “building ties” with the Chinese Navy, a force which appears to be more assertive than ever before.

    Adm. Harry Harris, in charge of PACFLT, relieved Fannel from his position as an intelligence director. According to Military Times, he was reassigned as an aid to Rear Adm. Randy Crites at PACFLT’s maritime headquarters — which is a long fall from his previous position.

    Fannell reportedly has plenty of support within the naval intelligence community for voicing his views on China’s growing aggression toward countries like Japan and even the United States. As a 29-year naval intelligence officer, Fannell has more credibility and insider knowledge than most others in his branch of service.

    Stars and Stripes
    Conservative Tribune

    • KG 21:12 on March 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      The West is due a very nasty wake-up call from China.
      My feeling is that the Obama administration is soft-pedalling Chinese expansionist ambitions because debt owned by China could very easily be used to destabilise the U.S. economy.
      That, and this Administration has no ideological problem with a re-balancing of power in Asia.

  • Redbaiter 03:12 on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , expansion, military spending   

    Communist China increases military spending 

    According to CNN, Red China has again increased its annual military budget by around 10% even as its economy slows. The budget now totals $US144.2 billion.

    Premier Li Keqiang told the National People’s Congress held in the Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square “Building a solid national defense and strong armed forces is fundamental to safeguarding China’s sovereignty.”

    The increased spending comes amid unease among China’s neighbors about the pursuit of its territorial claims in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

    Paul Burton, Asia Pacific director at IHS Aerospace, Defence & Security, estimates that actual spending is 35% higher than the announced budget.

    “China’s expanding strategic reach and extensive modernization requirements will continue to require significant investment over the next decade,” Burton said.

    Alexander Neill, a senior fellow at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in Singapore says China is likely to prioritize spending on its naval power “A growing chunk of budget is going toward China’s navy, particularly its submarine force and its seaborne nuclear deterrent,” he said.

    China is busy expanding its economic and political influence in the Pacific too, investing heavily in development projects and land and assets purchase throughout island regions and in NZ and Australia.

    • Peter 05:16 on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Having read the “Rise & fall of the Third Reich”, “The wilderness Years”, & dozens probably of that ilk, I cannot but feel really concerned for the future. Disturbing to see “us” featuring in the last paragraph.
      In the past, my grandparents lived through serious & grim days when the sky collapsed. I tend to feel that sometime in future, serious & grim days & awful challenges await us, or at least for my children.
      The happy & carefree life that we enjoy is not a given, is not guaranteed, & is coveted by others.
      Uh………….. whats chinese for Lebensraum ?

      • Redbaiter 11:25 on March 6, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Its funny how many people today (like myself) have this expectation that the status quo cannot go on. Who knows, maybe we’re suffering some kind of mild paranoia and maybe it can, but there are plenty of signs suggesting otherwise. You don’t have to look very hard to find them.

        • Mr_Blobby 13:20 on March 7, 2015 Permalink | Reply

          You don’t have to look very hard but not in the mainstream media.

          They are still busy withe the propaganda, the everything is fine just fine, nothing to see here move along , the Government knows best

          The reality is that the World is a very messed up place and getting worse not better.

          At some stage the Ponzie scheme that is our world financial markets will collapse.

          When the music stops there will not be enough chairs.

  • Redbaiter 12:43 on March 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , Mega, Net Names   

    Kim Dotcom's Mega cloud storage deemed "illegitimate" because of encryption 

    Kim Dotocm’s Mega said PayPal was pressured by Visa and Mastercard to stop dealing with Mega after it was named as not being a legitimate cloud storage service in a report by Net Names, a company that is a kind of private security force on the internet.

    Apparently the factor that caused Net Names to classify Mega as illegitimate was that the cloud storage encrypts any files stored there.

    Customers will now find it difficult to pay for its services since PayPal will no longer process payments to the cloud storage service. Mega said until it had new payment systems, it would not enforce storage limits or suspend any accounts for non-payment and it had also extended existing subscriptions for two months free of charge.

    I find it hard to understand why encryption should be used as a means to de-legitimise a file storage facility. With the amount of government snooping that prevails today, why not encrypt? Mega claims it has more than 15 million registered users in more than 200 countries. Obviously a lot of people think the same way. There are many other companies already offering the same service. Apparently they’re free of Net Name’s judgments.

    This is the latest hitch in Mega’s plan to complete a backdoor listing on NZX through the shell company, TRS Investments, which was first mooted a year ago, and it makes me wonder if there is not some kind of pressure being applied to damage what would be a profitable business. We are already well aware of the US govt’s strategy of depriving those it prosecutes of the funds to defend themselves.

    • Mr_Blobby 12:50 on March 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Same here.

      I would have thought that security of your personal files was paramount.

      Why would you want to store something on a site that was not secure.

      The problem the NSA has is that non of the servers are based in the US. They may not have been able to beak the encryption.

      It also challenges the US domination of the Internet if Countries and people start bypassing the US.Again I see this as a good thing for Net freedom and security.

      • Redbaiter 18:55 on March 4, 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Dropbox encrypts files I am pretty sure, for one common example. I can’t see this as the real reason.

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