SkyCity fiasco is natural result of govt expenditure of $80 billion 

Needless to say, when government is taking sides and picking winners and losers, that is a process that inevitably and necessarily favors the politically well-connected insiders. In many ways, government has morphed into a racket designed to enrich the lobbyists, insiders, contractors, bureaucrats, and politicians.

We all pay for this. The middle class taxpayer is the one who meets the account for what is really just a bunch of self interested people who weave their own interests in with the common good and make the voters pay the bill. We don’t have the money to pay for lobbyists or to influence the action by making big donations to political parties or politicians. We cannot offer politicians six figure employment opportunities for post-government life. All we do is foot the bill for those who can.

Its why the tax take of the National government is something like $80 billion. Far far too high for a nation of this size and an amount that will ensure that this kind of “legal” corruption grows like tomatoes in a hot house. The kind of corruption that is rank today is not illegal, its just immoral.

John Key’s government is all about who you know.