Ooops, There Goes NZ’s Relationship With Red China

” The Government is to change its position on Myanmar and return to calling it Burma. The Asian nation was known as Burma until 1989 when the military government changed it to Myanmar. The Government has accepted a recommendation from Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully to use Burma. Mr McCully said the change signalled that New Zealand refused to recognise the legitimacy of the military regime.”

Well, there it would go if the National government was ever going to be logically consistent.

5 thoughts on “Ooops, There Goes NZ’s Relationship With Red China

  1. National sems strongly to be distancing itself from socialism and the commy loving policies of H. Clark. That much is obvious. It even seems J Key is so close to re introducing the word ‘sovereignty’ back into the political lexicon.

    I was honestly getting warm fuzzies over National for the first time in my adult life…. until the ressurection of the EFB and then J Keys pet project, financial services, even against Economic Development advice . Definitely be a vote against common sense.


  2. Whatever the margin I might have once given John Key it evaporated for ever when he claimed a few days ago that Don Brash’s recent comments were “far right” in origin. The only person who could honestly describe Brash’s comments as “far right” is an extreme leftist. John Key clearly does not have a clue about the political spectrum.


  3. “They are borrowing like a socialist party too.. in the face of massive global debit problems.”

    Yes, like rabbits in the headlights of a semi trailer. Worst thing is, all they’re really doing is meeting payroll for a bunch of overpaid public servants whose intent is to obsessively interfere in our lives.


  4. There has ben cut backs in the public service but until parliament is marginalised there will be no real teeth to public spending. The MMP vote during the next election is a complete red herring. Plus, citizen initiated referendums need to be as binding as govt referendums advancing true democracy and not just lip service to democracy.

    How can anyone talk about the EFB and FPP in the same breath as democracy. Truly beggars the imagination.


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