Dopey Darren’s Knee Jerk Views on Breath Alcohol Limit

Breath alcohol levels in NZ are attracting discussion. The NZ Herald, in an affront to the principles of objective journalism, has already decided the level needs to be lowered and is conducting a campaign tied to that objective. Currently the level is 0.08. The same as many countries. Some have lower. Some have higher. Trying to align the level with road deaths in any country is fraught with danger. It doesn’t stop Labour’s favourite little red headed queer Darren Hughes (the son Helen never had) from jumping on the bandwagon and shooting his mouth off on the issue though.

In typical left wing knee jerk fashion Darren leaps at the chance to justify more intrusive regulation and harassment of the law abiding public while real crime in NZ rockets ever skyward. “As a general rule, the more you drink, the less capable you become as a driver. What part of this does Steven Joyce not understand?” says Darren.

He quotes Sweden (of course, soul-less socialist parody of a country) and says that the 0.02 tolerance there is behind a 10% drop in the road toll. Manifest nonsense. Sweden’s low road toll is down to many different factors, like number of cars versus number of people, road condition, weather etc etc and there is no real way Dopey Darren can tie any number to any particular measure. He even admits this himself when he states “research could throw up different results between countries.”

In fact the most critical factor in reducing accident is road design. Spending money wasted on loony tune ideas like TOW, Climate Change, and promoting the chronic disease of welfarism would all be better spent on improving NZ’s roads. In Sweden, they’ve put flexible barriers down the center of many roads and this is acknowledged by experts there as by far the most effective measure in reducing road deaths. Probably ten times as effective as reducing blood alcohol levels.

Claes Tingvall, Director of Traffic Safety at the Swedish National Road Administration says, “We were thinking about maybe getting a 60 – 70 % reduction of fatalities, but the reality is currently around 90%.”

So there is the answer Darren. If you really care about the road toll, then stop spending money on stupid socialist social initiatives (like Womans Affairs, the Climate Change scam, and fake TOW land claims for example) and fix the damn roads you painful little grandstanding commie weasel.

6 thoughts on “Dopey Darren’s Knee Jerk Views on Breath Alcohol Limit

  1. Let the warships back in. Let servicemen spend millions of dollars.

    Let their be no more excuses for persecution on the roads. Let their be no more excuses for GST rises, and the ETS.

    Let their be no more excuses for the pollies to BS us.

    let there be someone to stand up and have the guts to say this.


  2. @Wiki, there *are* no more excuses for those things, other than the rampant leftism that exists in New Zealand.

    Oh, and Red, there’s been a lot of squealing for some time here in the DPRV (Victoriastan to you) about dropping the limit from .05 to .02. So the Herald and Helen’s Ginger Tosser haven’t even had an original thought there – they’ve stolen it from the totalitarians over here!


  3. “It doesn’t stop Labour’s favourite little red headed queer Darren Hughes ”

    Is Hughes a homosexual – not that I think the homosexuals should not be MPs? However, Labour seems disproportionate number of them.


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