UK Red Cross Bans Christmas

The Mail Online reports- Christmas has been banned by the Red Cross from its 430 fund-raising shops. Staff have been ordered to take down decorations and to remove any other signs of the Christian festival because they could offend Moslems.

Christine Banks, a volunteer at a Red Cross shop in New Romney, Kent, said: ‘We put up a nativity scene in the window and were told to take it out. It seems we can’t have anything that means Christmas. We’re allowed to have some tinsel but that’s it. ‘When we send cards they have to say season’s greetings or best wishes. They must not be linked directly to Christmas. When we asked we were told it is because we must not upset Moslems.

OK, great work Red Cross. Never ever expect any support of money from myself ever again. You might not want to offend Moslems, but you have offended hell out of me. A choice you’re free to make of course, as long as your prepared to accept the consequences, then go for it. BTW, don’t dare change your mind. It’ll only make me despise you more.

And where do they think their cross symbol originated from? Treacherous PC scum.

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  2. I’m with you RB, some of these organisations have a rush off PC bullshit to the brain. My wife and myself use to give a generous donation to banardos, usually in the way of a cattle beast. When they came out and said S59 was the best thing since sliced bread I lost the plot. I was rung and asked if I would donate, I simply told them that I didn’t like their support of S59 and they wouldn’t get the steam off my shit for the rest of our lives. I will offer the same advice to the fucking red cross.


  3. ” Their cross symbol comes from their Swiss origins. ”

    The white cross on the red Swiss flag has religious origins and the emblem used by the Red Cross was chosen because of the organisation’s source in Geneva.

    One of the reasons they had to adopt the red crescent for Muslim regions.


  4. “I’m with you RB, some of these organisations have a rush off PC bullshit to the brain. ”

    Yep, I guess they must have PC zealots running them. Anyone with any sense would anticipate the backlash and not do it.


  5. I am apalled and saddened that there is no leadership in the British Red Cross. My beloved England is degenerating into a cesspool of political correctness. Where is the British backbone? When you start caving in to pressure from emigrants alone, you lose the element that makes you British. Winston Churchill must be weeping in his grave. My profound condolences to Britian!!!


  6. … and we wonder why Islam is gaining ground on a daily basis – they don’t even have to take it, we give it to them at zero cost.

    Pretty soon they will probably get rid of the cross as their symbol and as part of their name as well. And for the same justification as for their dropping Christmas.

    I think they have entirely underestimated the backlash to this decision – add me to the list of those who will never give to the Red Cross again.


  7. When I read they were training terrorists in Afghanistan is what did the Red Cross for me. This is simply further confirmation of the sad state of affairs in the west.

    (ths story can’t be true as the Kilgallons of this world say this doesn’t happen)Yeh right.


  8. This is scary, indeed. Such betrayal of what they stood for. Where is the uprising from the masses though? Too many gameshows, etc? Where is the anger that should prevail?


  9. What’s most annoying is that most Muzzies probably AREN’T even offended by Christmas (or references to it).

    It’s white, do-good, academic-, greenie- types who are offended by it and come up with these policies.


  10. I stopped donating to UNICEF because my wife read reports of paedophiles using it as cover to go to third world countries and do their dirty things.
    I stopped donating to WWF because of lying agenda on climate change.
    I stopped donating to Barnados because of their support for the S59 amendment
    I won’t be buying ANZAC ‘poppies’ any more since they’re sourcing them outside of NZ
    I won’t be donating to Red Cross because of this ridiculous dhimmitude.

    The Sallies are the only organisation I still donate to. At least they celebrate Christmas.


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