Kiwiblog’s Wishful Thinking on Islam

Mr Farrar recently ran an article entitled “A Rare Extremist In New Zealand”. The thrust of the piece was that a bad apple had been discovered in the Muslim barrel, but the overwhelming majority of good Muslims had prevailed and the guy was expunged. He actually had to leave the county when he could not get support from other Muslims for his residency application. Sounds good right? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

For a start, the guy had been preaching at the mosque for four years. Muslims involved claim imam or mufti Abdul Qadir Siddiquei preached jihad against members of Islamic sects he did not approve of and ran a madrasa or school for boys on jihad at the mosque. So he’s preaching Jihad, and it takes four years before anything is done? This makes me think that what he was preaching was not as troubling to the “good” Muslims as Mr. Farrar and others suggest. Could there have been some other reason for his sudden expulsion? Some inter-religious squabble that was the real reason the Imam had to leave? Let’s see.

South Auckland Muslim Association president Mohammed Hasim Khan said his organisation “vehemently refutes the allegations against Mufti Siddiquei. Mr Khan said the mufti, who was “pretty upset”, had tendered his resignation on December 11 to be with his sick mother in Pakistan. At no time, did Mufti Siddiquei preach Holy War either in his speeches or pamphlets in the madrasa school, nor did he ever preach killing of people of other sects.

The mufti’s supporters have struck back at the allegations, saying they were spread by a “disgruntled ex-member who was banned from the mosque because of his controversial beliefs”.

OK, if one takes this at face value, the Mufti wasn’t preaching Jihad and it wasn’t the reason for his expulsion. Funny thing about this claim. There were four Youtube videos of the Mufti preaching. They’ve all been taken down. Now why would that have to happen I wonder. If the Mufti wasn’t preaching anything controversial, why take the videos down? Why hide them if they would help your case?

So looking at the facts objectively (ie in a non PC or wishful thinking way) it would appear that although the Mufti was not preaching Jihad, the videos of his sermons cannot be shown. He was at the Mosque for four years. There was considerable opposition to Siddiquei’s firing and now he is being defended by other high profile organisers at the Mosque. Who claim he wasn’t preaching Jihad.

So its actually a lot more complex than Mr. Farrars original story would have us believe. In fact the whole theme underpinning Mr. Farrar’s story looks extremely weak. Especially when you consider these recent news stories-

Vancouver Examiner 32% of British Muslim students support killing for Islam; 40% want Sharia Law. If the way young Muslims in Britain are feeling is any indication for America’s own Muslim community, then America better beware. According to a new survey done at 30 universities in Britain, the young Muslim student body in that country is extremely radicalized. The poll asked 600 Muslim students and 800 of their non-Muslim peers about politically touchy subjects like killing in the name of Islam and Sharia Law—and the results were like night and day between the two demographics. While hardly anyone in the non-Muslim sample accepted killing in the name of religion, basically one-third of all Muslim students in Britain supported this.

This frightening confirmation of the deadly and violent extremism in the young Muslims of Britain is also an indication of the utter failure of British society to both integrate as well as to better police their Muslim communities. The word “Londonistan” is often disparagingly used to symbolize the permissible Islamic extremism that goes down in Britain—with the once-proud but now impotent Brits basically turning a blind eye. In fact, because of this widespread radicalization problem in British universities among Muslims, said universities are actually becoming a training ground for terrorists like the Christmas bomber from last year.

In an ironic twist, this survey and its shocking poll results were made available only through the Wikileaks leaking of Julian Assange. The poll was revealed as part of a secret, diplomatic cable that emerged from the US Embassy in London.

Vancouver Examiner- In a new poll by Pew, a majority of Muslims in many of the world’s Islamic countries says they are very much in favor of killing any person who converts from Islam to any other religion. The new poll also exposed mainstream Muslim attitudes regarding other aspects of their life. For instance, the poll found that a majority in the Muslim world are in favor of cutting off hands for theft, stoning people to death for adultery, and insisting that Islam play a major role in politics. This recent Pew poll was conducted over the course of a month and asked Muslims in several countries about what was going on in their heads. Many of the respondents were also questioned face to face.

So TrueblueNZ is not as convinced as Kiwiblog that all is sweetness and light in the NZ Muslim scene. As our header says, we don’t indulge in politically correct wishful thinking in accordance with Progressive/ Multiculturalist political currency. We print what we think is the truth.

7 thoughts on “Kiwiblog’s Wishful Thinking on Islam

  1. Great post, Red. You rightly highlight the fact that so many non-Muslims live in a fantasy world where there exists some imaginary group called the “Moderate Muslim”. That people like Mr Farrar, especially with his Jewish background, is so easily duped is saddening – and, of course, he’s not on his own.

    I’ve said this before, just how much evidence do these people require before they realise that the problem ISN’T Islamic radicals, but IT IS Islam itself and ALL those who adhere to its tenets and identify themselves as Muslim?!

    And is it any coincidence that many of these same individuals who cannot see Islam for what it is are ALSO blind to the true aims of socialism? I think not. Just more useful idiots. Of course we all know that there exists those who do see the threat these ideologies present, but allow them to continue unchallenged because it suits their ultimate end goals (or so they think).


  2. Farrar took some heat for his comments, but not much. He is nothing but a mouthpiece for the Nats, a mercenary in full employment of his masters in the Beehive.

    Farrar has lost ALL credibility.


  3. Obviously, the imperialism of world socialism and world Islam is going to clash in the future. Both ideologies are facist. My own reflection, shallow as it may seem, is that it all boils down to race. Socialist leaders are the majority of white. Islamofacism is the majority of olive. Western vs Mediterrean. Then in the back ground lurks the Asian bear contemptuos of both.

    None of it is good for any of us. Of course 90% of NZ govts post war have not been good for us at any time.


  4. I don’t see why there couldn’t be an Islamic Socialism with Sharia law…

    It is the combination of religion and state that is important to fundamentalist it seems to me, rather than the economic system… Socialist centralisation complements a central religious power base quite well… The benevolent Deity sharing the wealth…

    However individual freedom and the goals of the fundamentalist are mutually exclusive and must come into conflict…


  5. I think I was doing alright until I talked about our govts. The bit that said they have never been good for us for most of the time since after the war. On both sides of the house. I guess that would have done it. Whistle, whistle…….


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