Support Col Lakin, Jailed Over Obama’s Failure to Produce Birth Certiticate

Clemency is a distant option for Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin, a good and brave Army Doctor jailed because we have a cowardly Chicago gangster of unknown origins in the White House. One who has scammed his way to the highest office in the land.

For asking that Obama verify his legal authority to be Commander in Chief and issue orders to Defence Force Chiefs, the 17 year veteran has been sentenced to six months in prison and has been dismissed from the Army. There willl be no pension or military benefits for him.

All over the web, the Obamabots are sneering and cheering at the outcome. Meanwhile, Obama’s original Birth Certificate, supposed to be on file in Hawaii, remains hidden. So we’ve got a brave and honourable man in jail and a weak effeminate and slippery coward in the White House. About as stark an example of the upside down world the left have created as you could ask for.

World Net Daily are suggesting that a request for clemency may be granted by the Army if they perceive there is strong support for that action. All you need to do is send an email. WND advises that clemency requests should be sent to Maj. Matthew Kemkes, Lakin’s defense counsel. Kemkes’ e-mail address is

Here’s my email.

Major Matthew Kemkes


I am writing to you to express my support for the granting of clemency to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin. He is a brave and trustworthy man who has given the United States 17 years of honourable service as an army Doctor. He has a wife and 3 children. The US Army has need of medical doctors, especially those with the valuable experience of Lt. Col. Lakin. I would ask that you add my name to any petition that may exist requesting he be granted clemency. I would also support his full reinstatement to the Army without loss of pensions and privileges.

Thank you and regards

Do your bit for a brave man. Its Christmas after all.


Lakin was convicted by Judge Denise Lind on three counts of disobeying orders.

Lakin had pleaded guilty to four counts related to disobeying orders, but one count was subsequently dismissed by Lind at the request of Lakin’s counsel, Neal Puckett. Lakin was convicted then of two counts of failing to obey orders to meet with his commanding officer and one count of failing to report as ordered to Fort Campbell, Ky., to join the 101st Airborne Division prior to the unit’s deployment to Afghanistan.

Lakin openly admits he willfully chose to disobey orders to deploy to Afghanistan over concerns that his orders were not lawful.

Lakin’s defence fell apart when the Judge denied him permission to subpoena Barack Obama’s birth documents which Lakin claimed would prove him to be an illegitimate President, thereby making orders issued with Obama as Commander in Chief unlawful.

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  1. Update on email sent to Maj. Matthew Kemkes.

    I have just been notified of the following:
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    From: Allan Speedy
    Subject: Merry xmas

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  2. Jeremy Harris: My completely baseless speculation is that it was something along the lines of “refusing to follow orders”.


  3. “My completely baseless speculation is that it was something along the lines of “refusing to follow orders”.”
    Which–of course–is a far, far more heinous crime than “refusing to prove eligibility”, eh?


  4. Bloody barry should be in the lock up. Just hoping he pisses of his far left mates enough, they may put the boot in, no friends amongst that crowd.


  5. test [ changing my website to correct address … sorry 🙂 ]
    PS. It does seem rather disproportionate a penalty but as JH writes we don’t know the actual military offense he committed … and life is tougher in the military where you may have to shower with a homosexually inclined fellow soldier … probably not the colonels. 🙂


  6. The Colonel forced the military’s hand. They had to jail him or open the flood gates of similar recourse. A brave man and patriot. My heart goes out to him and his family this Christmas.

    Those who have been influential protest at the gates of the White House in the snow. Those who are influential remain to be counted.

    Habeus Corpus has been struck down through the Patriot Act and with it the 6th ammendment of the constitution. Go to real News network and view the interviews with Gore Vidal. 80 years old and says he has never heard the scream of outrage bout the direction the US is going. Likens 9/11 to the Nazi Reichstag fires of the thirties. The US dictatorship is building and will certainly ripen in this new decade.


  7. Court martials have been used to stifle political comment in the military since Billy Mitchell. Obama may or may not be a citizen, and questioning the Constitutionality of his holding office should not be a crime.

    What “Order” did he fail to obey? This seems to be a tough call, since he took an oath to defend the Constitution.


  8. “I’m a national voter btw so please don’t use your crutch that any opposing views are left-wing.”
    You really think the “I’m a National voter” gives your comment some kind of credibility? I voted for National too, but at least I’m grown up enough to recognise my mistakes.
    You give yourself away with the use of the term “birthers”–and the whole comment reads like something a spotty Michael Moore fan might write in between jerk-offs in mommy’s basement.


  9. Sorry KG, I had to delete Joe’s comment. Nothing of interest to say. A freakin dickwad who thinks voting National makes him right wing??? Do we need such dull thumb sucking idiocy?

    If I thought there was a point I might ask him to explain it but I’ve just got no patience with these morons anymore. They gifted this country to the extreme left decades ago and still don’t know how.


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