More Idiocy Imposed By Idiots. Why why why do we elect these morons???

In my earlier post today I think I made a good case for stringing the National Party up en masse from whatever lamposts are nearest (just kidding libtards) for their blindness in buying into the climate control fraud. You don’t have to look hard to find other examples of the same blind doctrinal idiocy. Where politicians through their ignorance and willingness to be seduced by trends, force unnecessary or unaffordable impositions on taxpayers already suffering from too much tax and too much government. Auckland rail is one such example.

Now if you were a supporter of rail you’d say hang on a minute, what do you mean “force”? We just held an election, where Len Brown indicated he was a rail supporter and he was elected. The people therefore voted for rail.

This is a typical fact twisting Progressive tactic. Brown received 49.14 of the votes counted. So if you must use that argument, more than 50% voted against rail. What’s more, the total vote pool in Auckland is 961,536 citizens. Browns total of 237,487 represents less than 25%. So if you concede the unlikely point that all Brown voters wanted rail, you’ve actually got 75% opposition.

Then you’ve got another two factors. One is the mainstream media’s innate leftist bias, and two is their failure to do their job even when you account for the bias. Democracy only works when the people are informed. When you’ve got such abject pretenders to news services as TV One, TV3, and the NZ Herald having an undue impact on what Aucklanders might think, whatever election we’re talking about, its hardly ever going to be a free and clear and honest expression of democracy. We learned what cheats and liars the “objective” media are when they tried so hard to fool us on climate change. In the end, the claim that rail enjoys majority support is a myth, and even if it did have support, that support would probably be based on misinformation anyway.

So after all that deceit, we’re faced with Aucklanders having to cough up for rail and probably the rest of NZ also having to chip in. John Key has never yet met a challenge he couldn’t cave in to.

This idiocy would be bad enough if we were not in such a parlous financial state. With our whole economic system underpinned by credit, and that credit getting harder to obtain and sustain every day, Brown and his acolytes want to exacerbate the situation. Brown says they want to make Auckland like Los Angeles and San Francisco, the two progressive jewels of Kalifornia. Both are hopelessly irrecoverably and totally broke. Is this the fate Aucklanders voted for? Not likely. But because of our media’s bias and laziness and all round uselessness, people just do not know that when they support Progressives like Brown and their crazy ideas, eventual insolvency is what they’re voting for.

Phoenix (USA) has just built a light rail system. It was built on the same basis Auckland rail will probably proceed. Ignorance and political bias and lies. Promises made about cost recovery and fuel efficiency and environmental impact have all been broken. Coyote Blog has been a consistent opponent of the scheme. They recently published a synopsis of the latest operating report. Here are some points from that synopsis-

  • the rail line was paid for by area residents, and it cost them over $75,000 per daily roundtrip rider to build, plus annual operating deficits infinitely into the future.
  • the public subsidy per individual trip (that is one person boarding and riding one way) is $32.73
  • this equates to a public subsidy (beyond the fares paid) of $3.82 per passenger mile. (cost per passenger mile of the average car is about 33 cents per mile.)
  • the BTUs expended per passenger mile for Phoenix light rail was 4402 (average for passenger cars 3437 BTU/PM),
  • therefore, the train actually uses 28% more energy to move one rider one mile than does the average car.

Coyote blog calculates that it would have been far more economic, and far less damaging to the environment, if the Phoenix Transit Authority has shelved the rail project and instead bought every traveller a Toyota Prius and supplied them with free fuel each year.

So we’ve just got the ETS all over again. Wooden headed politicians arrogantly committing citizens to massively unproductive expenditure without any real mandate to do so. Brown’s mind won’t be changed. Its the ideology of rail he likes. Just as Smith likes the ideology behind the ETS. National forced the ETS upon us. Auckland rail will be built. Auckland will be sent broke, and the really sad thing is, the voters won’t ever know the true story of how it all happened. Unless they read blogs of course.

Coyote Blog

11 thoughts on “More Idiocy Imposed By Idiots. Why why why do we elect these morons???

  1. I alerted an honest friend of the environment to the data you reposted. Here’s his reply.

    I’ve seen similar analyses from Portland to San Jose. It’s all the same: Money for construction unions, redevelopment scams for bureaucrats, politicians, and developers at the expense of landowners, and unionized control of the movement of “the underclass” which they will do everything within their illegitimate powers to enlarge.

    These systems never even pay for the natural gas and diesel that went into the concrete to build them.

    Since it’s as fairly a concise statement of the scope of the scam I’ve seen, I’d thought you’d like to see it.


  2. Thank you Pascal. You do well to have such honest friends of the environment. Its just staggering that these things keep getting built. I have suggested before they’re all part of the Clowerd Pivern strategy. Hanging capitalism with its own rope.


  3. I’m afraid the title of this posting should read: “More Idiocy Imposed By Idiots…on Idiots”.

    The mass is thick as a plank. The population deserve the arseholes they themselves elect.


  4. “Why why why do we elect these morons???”

    Sometimes I really wonder just how willingly ignorant the masses are? I know they get spun crap through the lying MSM and corrupt politicians, but they still have to take some personal responsibility for their decision to vote in local and national governmental representatives – especially when, as you mentioned Red, there are numerous blogs which clearly spell out the degree of corruption, cronyism, and downright woolly thinking of our political ‘elite’.

    As Erikter said, we do indeed deserve those who we elect to rule over us.


  5. Laurie has pointed out to me that I was wrong in not criticising you for suggesting LRO should have been strangled at birth, so…

    Naughty, naughty bad Redbaiter!

    consider yourself told!


  6. The morons of Manukau were led to believe that the free entitlements they soooo enjoyed under the old system of MCC would continue under slappy.
    Work places , PI churches etc, were targeted mainly from the union scum to get out the vote.
    THAT is the only reason slappy got in.Next time the sheeple vote it’s gonna be a whole different story , i hope:)
    He’s breaking promises faster than a lizard drinking, socialists disgust me.


  7. Laurie has pointed out to me that I was wrong in not criticising you for suggesting LRO should have been strangled at birth, so…

    No, but had you suggested it be done five minutes earlier, you would have sailed clear of any criticism.


  8. Zen, I do try not to tell others how to behave because a) I’m not perfect and b) It ain’t my blog 🙂


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