Neo-commie Nick Smith Lends Your Money To A Business He Reckons Is OK

Neo-commie Nick is up to his usual tricks. In his latest press release he details how he’s lent $200,000 of taxpayer money to a business he likes. Why? If its a good business plan, why the hell does it need money from the taxpayer, and why do we need to have Nick Smith poncing about like some kind of benevolent dictator handing out loans to those members of the community ready to kiss his useless arse? Or vote for him.

“Environment Minister Nick Smith today announced a new initiative to recycle mussel shells in the Nelson-Marlborough region thanks to a Government grant of $200,000 from the Waste Minimisation Fund.“This initiative to convert 27,000 tonnes of mussel shells into organic feedstock and fertilisers will create jobs and wealth as well as reduce waste going to landfill,” Dr Smith said.”

Man this guy galls me. What is he doing in the National Party? If he crossed the floor and sat with Labour, he’d fit right in.

The $200,000 grant is from the Waste Minimisation Fund established in 2009 to try and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. It is one of dozens of grants made by an independent assessment panel under a criteria set by the Minister for the Environment to assist new recycling businesses. “This grant reflects the Government’s focus of backing smart, new economically viable recycling businesses. It is another practical example of the Government’s Bluegreen approach of encouraging initiatives that have both economic and environmental benefits,” Dr Smith said.”

Just worthless socialist crap that any far left commie dirt bag would be proud of. It is no surprise Smith puts it out while brimming with pride. What a detestable fraud he is. He is one of those dirty little commie worms who are eating the core out of the National Party.

Update- I had assumed the word “grant” meant loan. It occurred to me overnight that perhaps this money is a gift. Furthermore, I found news of other such “grants”. $180,000 of tax payer money to an antifreeze recycling business in Dunedin and $1.6 million to some cronyist outfit called the Glass Packaging Forum “to increase the availability of permanent and temporary recycling facilities as part of New Zealand’s preparations to host the Rugby World Cup (RWC)”.

4 thoughts on “Neo-commie Nick Smith Lends Your Money To A Business He Reckons Is OK

  1. Just more of the distortion of the market that statists like Smith indulge in all over the western world, and each time they do it, its another decrease in our living standards and our prosperity.


  2. I find it helpful to point out to neutral people exactly what $1,600,000 of taxes represents (always typing out the amount in full of course)…

    At the minimum wage ($12.75) the hourly taxes paid (at current rates) is:

    $2.50, so

    $1,600,000 / $2.50 =

    640,000 hours…

    640,000 hours worked by a minimum wage factory workers in South Auckland, taken by governmental force, to pay some (likely wealthier) people in the Glass Packaging Forum for what..?

    Yet this is moral..? Good..?



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