FOX Host Now Ohio Governor Drafts Bill To Allow Firing of Public Service Strikers

I guess many readers of this blog already know John Kasich from his stand in hosting of the O’Reilly show on FOX News. I always enjoyed John and thought he would be a better permanent host than O’Reilly. John is a Conservative. O’Reilly is a phone sexing moderate. John also had his own show called Heartland with John Kasich that ran from 2001 to 2007.

I guess readers would also know John won the Ohio Governor’s race in the recent half term elections. He has opted to stay in the family home outside of the city rather than move into the Governor’s Mansion, and has been criticised for not hiring any one “of colour” to his cabinet. Kasich responded to the criticism by saying he hired on ability not skin colour.

Kasich, who once said he prefers to deal with unions who “make things”, has stated clearly that he intends to break the back of the Ohio teacher’s unions. He has now engaged on a broader front by taking on the whole of the Ohio State public service unions. If only here in NZ we had John Kasich and not John Key.

A day after hundreds of public employees jammed the Statehouse to protest a bill they believe will kill their unions, Gov. John Kasich said he is working on an even-tougher version, one that would punish workers who go on strike. If the Republican-controlled legislature doesn’t fashion a collective-bargaining reform bill to his liking, Kasich said yesterday, then he will include language in the coming state budget to enact the changes he wants.

“I have my own proposal right now,” Kasich told reporters after a speech to the Ohio Newspaper Association in Columbus. “We would outlaw strikes, and the penalties would either be firing or docked wages,” the governor said. Asked what recourse public union workers would have under his proposal, Kasich said, “They have a job. They should continue to negotiate and try to come up with something.”

Kasich’s statements underscored the resolve of Republicans, who enjoy hefty majorities in the House and Senate, to roll back the power of public-employee unions. On Wednesday, a Senate committee opened hearings on a measure sponsored by Sen. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, to eliminate collective bargaining for all state workers and significantly weaken it at the local level.

John is man with the guts and the tenacity needed to sort things out in Ohio. The key phrase above though is “underscored the resolve of Republicans”. Yep, “resolve”, a quality that the Republicans didn’t have much of until the Tea Party stiffened their spines.

Its what we need in NZ. To replace the John Key’s with John Kasichs and to stop supporting a party that has drifted so far from its roots it is worthless in the political fight. No more money votes or support for the National Party and John Key.


9 thoughts on “FOX Host Now Ohio Governor Drafts Bill To Allow Firing of Public Service Strikers

  1. Last time I checked white was still a colour.So his cabinet will be chock full of coloureds. When whites get sun burned they go red and then tan,all colours.

    We need to retake control of our language as these bastards have captured that too.


  2. I don’t think this kind of blackmail is needed. Gov Christy has pointely been singled out by the teachers union and he never uses this rhetoric. There are no jobs in the US. The unions are already defeated pyschologically. simply no need for this iron gloved, strong arm, gangster approach. The game sits fairly and squarely in the states hands already. This guy is obviously on a power trip rubbing the economy into eveyones weak status. He’ll threaten to take roofs off kids heads soon.


  3. I don’t really care what Christies does W. The public sector unions are bankrupting the US through extravagant salaries and even more extravagant retirement/ pension packets.

    It has to be stopped.

    You do realise that the ultimate plan is to bankrupt the USA? To “bring down” capitalism. To bring the fight into the streets.

    The real objective is not to look after the employees. Anyone who can do maths can easily see the economics are unsustainable. The state finances and the federal finances cannot sustain such looting. There is no real future for the employees. The real objective is to cause massive economic collapse. To suck every last dollar from the system until it can no longer stand. The objective is to get those employees into the streets rioting when finally there is no more money. Its not about the welfare of the employees, it is about destroying the capitalist system.

    You do know that don’t you?


  4. The US is no longer the home of Capitalism of as I prefer – free enterprise, it has the highest corporate tax rates in the West for crying out loud…

    What is needed is full roll back of the state, a fully private healthcare system, a fully vouchered school system and the most rudimentary of welfare system (say 6 months unemployment) and alignment of federal taxes at 12.5%… Medicare, Medicaid need privatisation and Social Security need to be reformed urgently to at least what Congressman Ryan proposes…

    They need to privatise Amtrak, the Post Office, Fannie and Freddie and the host of other businesses that the US government owns pointlessly… And state’s and city’s need to sell their assets also…

    Free enterprise is the essesence of “American Execptionalism”, for self reliance to return and the world to rediscover true Capitalism, we all NEED it back… Not just for freedom’s sake but for the sake of the world economy of which the US has been the backbone of for 140 years…

    The Democrats have screwed the USA and the Republicans haven’t put up a quarter of the fight they should have…


  5. @Sinner I’m getting really sick of your “genocide for lefties” BS and calling for it to be possible to put people like me legally to death because I’m not “right” enough for your tastes is a joke… If I’m what you consider a Communist well you’re going to have to execute at least 200,000,000 Americans, you really wanna be 4 times worse than Hitler..?

    Would I like the US to go to a fully welfare free nation? Yes of course, what I am talking about is what the Republians should aim for after 2012 – I didn’t make that clear, but going tax free immeaditely isn’t practical in any way – did you forget the $13,000,000,000,000 bill the Democrats ran up..? There must be a transistion due to the elderly being over-taxed for their lives, what you propose is not practical…

    You really are a tiresome bore, to claim I’m a leftie, communist makes you look like a crazy person, which after your repeated calls for us to mass murder people who support leftist ideals I can only assume you are…

    I get it you’re here to show us how “right” you are, that you are the most hardcore – no thinking required, well well done you win… Now wanker off…


  6. “..what I propose is the only practical solution.”
    No, what you propose is flat-out insane. Jeremy is right–you’ve moved beyond being a joke to become an irritating, loony bore. It’s just as well you don’t get more exposure, because you’d single-handedly do the conservative cause considerable harm.
    For chrissakes either get some medication or stay away from the keyboard.


  7. Not wanting to speak for KG, but I don’t think he was referring to Welfare but rather what I pointed out to you – that proposing a mass murder of leftists is insane…

    If you want to have a debate about whether welfare, i.e. unemployment, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security (and each is a different argument), should be eliminated immeaditely that is fair and a rational debate to have…

    But if you think you have the right (or should have the right) to murder people you deem as “left”, be prepared for me to point out to you that that makes you a stain on conservatism, an enemy of freedom and a potential tool for leftie propaganda…

    My I propose you type under your full name..? It tends to have the effect of limiting outlandish calls to violence…


  8. “Not wanting to speak for KG, but I don’t think he was referring to Welfare…”
    No, I wasn’t, Jeremy. The call for mass murder sticks in my craw, if only for the fact that it hands the enemies of conservatism a stick to beat us with, as you point out.


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