Obama- As Oil Prices Skyrocket, Still No Permits For Deep Water Drilling in Gulf

Its been so long now the impact upon the industry has been devastating. Rigs have gone elsewhere. Rig workers have gained employment elsewhere. Machinery has been stacked at great cost and will take time to get back into working order if the go ahead is ever given. Even though Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was talking with drillers this weekend, they have apparently been unable to give him the assurances he needs to allow deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Not even relatively safe shallow water drilling (under 500 ft) has been spared with officials so slow to issue permits that only 30 have been granted since last June.

The upshot of this is that America is down one third of its oil supply. At a time when prices are rising fast and turmoil in the Middle East will drive them so much higher. One could be forgiven for thinking Obama’s stalling on permits is a deliberate strategy to further impoverish the USA. Inexplicable. Until one remembers that Obama badly needs the donations of environmental groups to drive his re-election campaign in 2012.

So once again we view the disastrous effects of watermelon policies, shutting down American oil production at a time it is needed most. Of course its not even about the damn environment in the end. Perceived environmental concerns are just a means to camouflage the real intent and that is to bring down capitalism. People keep saying that we are crazy to make such allegations about Obama, but what the hell are we to do when he keeps on providing the evidence. Non permitting of deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico right now is the worst economic sabotage.

Obama has to allow it by March 20th or he’s in contempt of a court order. I think failure to comply by that date should be grounds for impeaching this Marxist saboteur.

Update- First deepwater drilling permit approved. Day after this post.

8 thoughts on “Obama- As Oil Prices Skyrocket, Still No Permits For Deep Water Drilling in Gulf

  1. Completely ridiculous, the BP spill was the result of 10 things being neglected and going wrong, and all the cries of, “we’ve killed the Gulf for generations..!” seemed to have died…

    No reason for this restriction on free enterprise…


  2. Spot on, Red.
    Obama is prepared to prostitute himself to whoever will put him back into office. And he can do both this and continue with his destruction of the U.S. economy (and social fabric) by restricting the U.S sourcing its own oil.

    We see a parallel here in New Zealand with our own oil and coal reserves essentially being off limits through (among other things) green pressure on the government.


  3. I saw an interview with a former Shell president on Stossel (or Hannity, I’m not sure), who suggested that the oil price is actually set on emotional principles only (a suggestion supported by oil experts by the way). What he asserted was that the mere decision to free up production in the US, would see the oil price drop to under $40 a barrel.


  4. “… a parallel here in New Zealand with our own oil and coal reserves essentially being off limits through (among other things) green pressure on the government.”

    Kris, interested in your (and others) thoughts. Why is it kiwis are so afraid of economic success? Specifically, the watermelons keep getting into positions of influence in the Parliament, even with their economically and socially destructive policies*. Why is it the thought of digging up the gold (both the shiny stuff and the black stuff) that is just under the surface is anathema to so many, when (in the short term at least) it could easily sole so many of New Zealand’s economic problems?

    *anybody I speak to who admits to voting “green” has no idea about their actual policies – they just think they’re somehow a party that cares about “the environment”.


  5. Glenn Beck tonight said the Obamination had agreed to issue a license about an hour before he went on the air.
    But he also noted how much the US and Europe is dependent on oil from dodgy Middle Eastern states as well as Russia.
    Can we really trust these places for the juice that provides our way of life?
    Is that why the Greenies and the Obamination seek to weaken our countries as much as possible.
    Alaska is swimming in oil, as is Canada.
    I am sure Australia and NZ has plenty too.


  6. I don’t know about oil, FFM, but Australia has about 500 years’ worth of natural gas reserves. Why they aren’t re-jigging Australia to rely a lot more on gas than oil (or any of the other ridiculous generation methods proposed by the eco-mentalists) I just don’t know.

    Of course, they also have about 200 years’ uranium, so the same argument could be made for nuclear, but we’re not allowed to talk about that.


  7. Gantt, I think a large part of the problem here in NZ is MMP. It gives a disproportionately LARGE voice to minority parties such as the Greens (and Maori for that matter). They become “King-makers” and the main parties become reliant on them to push through their agenda, and reciprocate by allowing green (and Moari) policy through.
    Of course you have idiots like Smith (and Key) who actively push the Green agenda from within the main parties.

    Of course Australia has its Gillards, doing much the same as Smith here, pushing Carbon Tax from within one of the main parties. If she can she will stuff the Aussie coal mining industry, IMHO.


  8. Kris, just like NZ, there are termites in both “main” parties here in AUS. Labor has its Gillard, the Liberals have Turnbull. Both are enraptured with the myth that man, and man’s endeavour, are the enemy and a Big New Tax, to be paid (in Australia’s case) to poor people at home and (in New Zealand’s case) abroad will “stop global warming” (of which, of course, there is none).

    Australia is in a de facto experiment with MMP at the moment, with their own communist lesbian kowtowing* to Gaia and her Sodomite High Priest. Australia does not like the result, and I would expect to see a Coalition government re-elected by landslide at the next election. There is apoplexy over the carbon tax. It will definitely end Gillard as leader (they’re already openly talking about it, with union commie scum Bill Shorten touted as the assassin), and almost certainly lead to an election in the near future.

    *apologies to our friend kowtow


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