Obama Eligibility- Vacillators on the Right Seek Media Approval Rather than Truth

Joseph Farrar has written an excellent open letter to Mike Huckabee regarding the potential Presidential candidate’s constant assertion that any questions regarding Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be President are “nonsense”. Huckabee’s standard explanation is that if there was anything damaging to Obama to be found, the Clintons would have found it and used it. I don’t think that is right, but its not the issue I’m writing about.

The point is the way those on the right have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the media on the issue. Look- even if there is nothing to it, why is it that the matter cannot even be discussed? Why is there such a wall of silence around the issue? Its utterly ridiculous. Its as if we are living in a Stalinist state and Joe Stalin has decreed that nobody should ever mention Obama’s eligibility and if anyone does they’ll be sent to the gulags for life.

Joeseph Farrar says that he would enter into a wager with Huckjabee that 80-90% of his constituency harbour doubts over Obama’s eligibility, and makes the point that this is where Huckabee’s loyalties should lie. Instead, Huckabees seeks the approval of the Democrats who have taken control of the media, and refuses to discuss the issue. He prefers to be seen as “reasonable” by media Democrats than to stand firm for his supporters. A stance duplicated by many on the right. Weak and spineless. And there’s more to it than that. As Farrar says-

The fact remains that, even today, Obama has steadfastly refused all calls for simply releasing his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate, the only document that could ever begin to put the questions to rest. In addition, he remains an enigma to Americans because of his refusal to release almost any personal documents for the inspection of the public – school records, college records, university records, travel records, health records, law school writings, you name it. On top of that, his official life story – from his birth narrative to adult associations – is full of holes, lies and deceptions on top of half-truths and deliberate dissembling.

Damn right. And we should be talking loudly about all of these things. Not sweeping them under the carpet like citizens scared of an early morning visit by Stalin’s Bluecaps. Disgraceful in this day and age.

An Open Letter To Huckabee.

One thought on “Obama Eligibility- Vacillators on the Right Seek Media Approval Rather than Truth

  1. I guess it could be a couple of things:

    1). Hackabee is under the illusion that if the media doesn’t paint him as a “Birther nut job” he’ll get more 2008 Ind and Dem voters voting for himin 2012…
    2). He really hasn’t looked into it and thinks the short form is fine…


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