General Debate 09/03/11

ACC Associate Minister Hekia Parata will tomorrow launch a scooter safety campaign which aims to get young riders to cover up to reduce their risk of injury. “A lot of young people are riding scooters wearing light clothing, such as teeshirts, shorts and jandals,” says Ms Parata. “This means if they come off their scooter, they’re likely to sustain significant injuries.”

The campaign, called “Add an extra layer”, will start in Auckland on Monday 14 March, then move through other cities with a high number of scooter-related ACC claims, including Palmerston North, Wellington and Hamilton. It will feature scooters clad in colourful fabric, which will be ridden around to promote key safety messages.


A rise in domestic violence is likely to add to Christchurch’s misery, says the Minister of Women’s Affairs Hon Hekia Parata. Ms Parata urged those at a breakfast she hosted at Parliament this morning to mark 100 years of International Women’s Day, to be prepared for an increase in violence following last month’s devastating earthquake. “The international evidence is that domestic violence increases after big natural disasters and the increase may continue for up to a year. “This is not acceptable. Domestic violence is not acceptable at any time.’’ Ms Parata said the likely increase, and the fact that support services are themselves badly affected by the disaster, could mean added misery for some Christchurch women and families.


Disabled women may be at greater risk of domestic violence than other New Zealanders, says the Minister of Women’s Affairs Hon Hekia Parata. Ms Parata was speaking at the launch of a booklet Domestic Violence and Disabled People in Auckland today, which is the centennial of International Women’s Day. The Minister welcomed the booklet as a valuable resource which helps disabled people to be more aware of domestic violence, and provides practical advice on what to do about it. “International research shows that women with disabilities are much more likely to suffer from domestic violence than other women.

Mr English, maybe you better give this stupid woman a call and tell her seeing as we’re borrowing $300 million a week to get by, could she try and cut spending back instead of focusing on this kind of worthless PC crap. Just another blathering National Party moron. I knew she would be.

10 thoughts on “General Debate 09/03/11

  1. Together with the Maori Sovereignty Act being rushed through parliament, this about makes my day.

    This country is f****d for sure.


  2. I think my friends and family are getting annoyed with my moaning about wasted taxes whenever we see ads to:

    – Stop smoking
    – Stop over-drinking
    – Stop drink driving
    – Stop speeding
    – Wear a helmet
    – Don’t be depressed
    – Don’t shake babies

    and a multitude of others which fall under the categories, “common sense” and “choice”…


  3. New Zealand is fucked. Completely, utterly fucked. It is proof positive that socialism is a collective suicide illness. And it looks like I’ve been told off by the teacher for pointing it out once too often…

    I had a week off last week. A bit of down-time between finishing one engagement and starting the next. It seems I used my time productively, by joining an elite, exclusive club; I racked up 100 demerits on New Zealand’s Premier Right Wing Blog and got myself stood down (suspended, for those older than Tomorrow’s Schools) for a week.


  4. Your comments are one of the only reasons I read Kiwiblog Gantt. Nowadays its just full of socialist halfwits writing in such cliched low IQ terms its almost unreadable. Intelligent comment is as rare as rocking horse excrement.

    Big Bruv and his morons from Panda Sports or Pete George and his hopeless Progressive whining. Worst of all its only the right wingers Farrar applies his “rules” to. Everyone else gets a free pass, while we’re obliged to be impeccable in our behaviour or be banished.

    I’m banned, and apart from when I deliberately provoked it due to being down to the last 10 points, I don’t even know where and when I transgressed. Fuck Farrar and his “blog”. He’s just another simpering little PC commie arsehole destroying this country with his Labour party friends.


  5. Interesting I managed to rack up 20 points for telling Shunda Barunda to ‘get a fucking clue’ and another 30 for saying:

    “Cullen and the communist lesbian accomplished in 3 terms what Muldoon would never have managed in 30. It’s a fucking disgrace that those two haters and wreckers were punished with a plum (tax-free) job at the UN and a plum directorship of a protected species. They should be in gaol or even better, swinging from lampposts.”

    Farrar mistakenly thought I was advocating murder and suggested I do so on my own blog. He just doesn’t get it does he? Advocating murder? Maybe advocating justice.


  6. The point is you see so many far worse comments there daily from left wingers/ the usual trash and Farrar lets it all slide. You see, his rules are only applied if someone complains to him by secret email. He and the bulk of his left wing commentators clearly want to bar those who are critical of National, so they complain enthusiastically. I’d guess comparatively few on the left get complained about, so Farrar takes no action regarding their many transgressions.


  7. Farrar is a bona fide apparatchik.

    As far as he’s concerned, NZ can implement fully fledged communism, as long as it’s the NATIONALs who are doing it. Can’t believe his blog is so popular.


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