Freedom Under Threat From Posturing Self Important Charlatans

I get heartily sick of the gratuitous pontificating of these crooks and charlatans in parliament, especially of the self important manner in which they speak. A timely example is the patently obvious posturing from the vainglorious power drunk Associate Health Minister Tariana Turia, who launches yet another tax payer funded attack on freedom of choice with her offensive against smoking.

Its a habit I don’t like but for God’s sake why do we need an ignorant statist like this talking down to us in this patronising and insulting manner while she works away at stripping us of our freedoms. Check the crazy rhetoric-

“This is a landmark moment in the history of New Zealand It is about us asserting our own identity as a nation and defining for ourselves the role tobacco is allowed to play in the life of this country – this is not something we are just going to leave in the hands of the tobacco industry. I congratulate the Maori Affairs Select Committee for the work it has done. Today’s response signals a bold step forward as the government continues to accord priority to tobacco reduction and commits to the challenging goal of seeing Aotearoa become a nation that is essentially smokefree by 2025.”

What inflated over important rubbish. Get out of our lives Tariana, and take your pathetic speech making and propaganda offensive with you. What part of “We want to be left alone” do you not understand? And what’s next after smoking? Drinking? Fatty foods? Enforced exercise? Here’s more of the same offensive patronising rubbish-

“It’s about challenging ourselves to take the next step without losing the momentum that we’ve already created. I am absolutely committed to reducing tobacco related harms and the massive health inequalities that smoking brings. There is still so much to be done, but I’m more confident than ever that we can reach the goal of New Zealand being a nation free of tobacco.”

What will do the most for this country is if self serving do-gooders like you just left people alone Tariana, instead of projecting the idea that nothing can be done unless there is some government program to foster it and some tax payer money to enable it. We need a nation of independent citizens, not nanny state ninnies.

And all this rubbish you go on with is really just to make you and other nanny staters feel good about yourselves, and to fool us into thinking we need you. I’m not fooled. Get out of my life and stop stealing the money I work for and spending it on intrusive crap like this. Pontificating fraud. Take it to North Korea.

The full press release is here. The intrusiveness of the plan is intolerable. What are we doing with these kind of people in our parliament?

8 thoughts on “Freedom Under Threat From Posturing Self Important Charlatans

  1. I’ve long loathed this fat racist little woman. (using the term “woman” in the purely anatomical sense)
    The frightening thing is, many people want to be nannied, and they don’t give a damn about it provided somebody ele’s ox is bering gored.
    In other words- no guts, no principles, no self-respect. That’s why we have her kind in parliament. She’s the reward.


  2. You have reflected my thoughts exactly as I listened to this crap this morning yet we get the msm going to a leftie Dunedin ‘professor’ who says we haven’t gone far enough.
    Is he the one benefiting from funding grabbed from taxes?


  3. It is about us asserting our own identity as a nation and defining for ourselves the role tobacco is allowed to play in the life of this country

    It’s worse than nanny statism, this is the kind of rubbish talk the Soviets used to produce – a national identity… There is no such thing just the character a nation has – made up by individuals personalities and choices…

    I’m a non- smoker, can’t stand smoking really but my best mate loves to smoke, the only way he’ll quit is when he dies, he defines the role tobacco plays in his life as of central importance, so where does this politcian get off telling him what he can do or not do with his body and where does she think she gets the authority to spend his money to tell him to stop..?


  4. Crazy rhetoric is right.

    But what lies behind this is incredibly dangerous.
    Following various drink driving and seat belt laws and campaigns around the western world in the 70’s politicians of all hues now realise/believe/want to “moderate” our behaviour.
    I’ve heard ministers (Labour)talk like that on the radio. Few would fault them,after all isn’t drink driving a dangerous ,irresponsible thing. Isn’t smoking near your children tantamount to child abuse?etc etc etc
    We also have or are getting a slew of laws proscribing free speech,opinion in the name of equality or human rights.
    More “moderating” social engineering.

    These enemies of freedom know they can do it and they have the majority of the media onside. I suspect the media enjoy this as they also appreciate the nuances of manipulation as well as being for the most part thorough going lefty liberal.

    In an era when we loudly proclaim our freedoms we are slowly losing them to increasingly cynical,manipulative and controlling politicians.


  5. “… asserting our own identity as a nation …”
    “… defining for ourselves …”
    “… I congratulate the Maori Affairs Select Committee …”
    “… commits to the challenging goal of seeing Aotearoa become a nation …”

    Yes, such is the lot of the entitled separatist victim.


  6. fat tub of lard..” begone with you large cowsbody turia and take your busybody racist bros with thee, “


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