Hillary Calvert Smeared as Racist By Separatist Hypocritical Cowards

Cowards because they prefer smears rather than to debate the issue. Hypocrites because they are two of the worst racists to disgrace our current parliament. Racists because of their rhetoric that so often exposes a deeply held prejudice against Europeans and others not considered Tangata Whenua. Separatists because it is well know that their end game is Maori Sovereignty, the fascist notion that their race entitles them to an exulted position in our society.

I’m talking about Tariana Turia and Hone Harawira and their criticism of ACT’s Hillary Calvert’s speech on the Foreshore and Seabed Bill. NZPA is reporting-

In Parliament yesterday, during debates on The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Bill, Ms Calvert was disparaging about how the legislation had to take into account Maori rights. “Tikanga is an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ word. It means whatever the Queen – I think it was the Red or White Queen – said it would mean, no more and no less. Under the bill tikanga covered inherited rights and interests”, she said.

“So we are to believe that this Alice in Wonderland word, a word that can be defined by the person claiming some property in our coastal land, creates legal rights based entirely on the say-so of the claimant. We might just as well ask iwi for a list of what they want and put through a legal transfer.”

Later in the evening she questioned Maori rights to relating to the seabed saying it was questionable that historical use any distance from shore happened. “Historically no one has crawled about the seabed miles from shore… There is just no chance from 1840 to now of anybody holding their breath on the seabed.”

This is pretty much true, and not in any way racist and these disgusting cowards are once again just reaching for the oldest trick in the book, a side tracking smear, to avoid having to present a counter argument. Here’s what Turia said-

“I’ve come to expect ignorant attitudes and behaviour from the ACT Party, so I am not surprised when they make comments of that nature. We are not allowed to call people racists in here, we are not allowed to refer to those matters in the House. But when someone denigrates another culture then for me that’s racist.”

This from a woman who once said this about fellow New Zealanders who have given her so much-

What seems to not have received similar attention is the holocaust suffered by indigenous people including Maori as a result of colonial contact and behaviour. [..] This would also encourage considering the continuing oppressive effects of colonisation and the various forms it has taken as Native American academic Ward Churchill says, “since predator came.”

There is no need to revisit Harawira’s racist rants. Attorney-General Chris Finlayson said Calvert’s remarks were “inappropriate. [of course, vomit] I just thought it went too far”. Totally in the pocket of the Maori Party, Finlayson has to go and so does the whole National Party faction that believes a partnership with the Maori Party is a good thing. Just how these people can call others racist when their own damn party is designated by race is only something that could occur in these totally lunatic culturally Marxist times.

All I can really say is “Go Hillary Calvert”! If you managed to annoy all of these horrible repugnant sleazebags at once, you must be the best thing to hit parliament in some time.

15 thoughts on “Hillary Calvert Smeared as Racist By Separatist Hypocritical Cowards

  1. “Go Hillary Calvert”
    Indeed! Give that woman a DB.

    … and without the white man’s intervention Tariana’s ancestors (well the brown ones, anyway) would likely have been some opposing tribe’s artery clogging dinner.


  2. Go Hillary.!
    So many Kiwis will be uttering ‘she is right’ and yet they are too scared to come out and back her.


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  4. Nevertheless, and despite all of your enthusiasm, the delivery of her speech was quite awful, the arguments made without force or apparent conviction. In addition she could have come back with a sharp retort to the silly tactics of turia instead of lamely apologizing about mispronunciation (“I can assure the member that I did my best to pronounce her name as clearly as I can, which cannot be said for the members attempts at obfuscating what precisely is meant by tikanga”). The fact that she did apologize by the way, is a good demonstration of the creeping level of PC that has rooted itself in the halls of power.


  5. I just find it infuriating that these frauds use this allegation every time someone hits them with an argument they cannot deal with. Every time. And yet nobody has the spine to challenge them, and so they get away with it time and time. As CR says

    Have Kiwis really become so bloody spineless that they’re prepared to tolerate being ripped off, insulted and demeaned, exploited and marginalised by the unholy alliance between the racists and their National Party enablers, rather than stand up and call “enough”?

    They need to be confronted. This is so damn spineless. There has to be an end to this cowardice by NZ’s Europeans.


  6. To answer CR (and paraphrase Barry Soetero), ‘Yes, they are’.

    Bez, I didn’t listen to the speech but FWIW I think she was right to apologise for not pronouncing Turia’s name correctly. Any misstep will be jumped on by the progressive MSM, who are itching for any opportunity to label ‘RACIST’ anyone who opposes their agenda, and mispronouncing someone’s name (and not subsequently apologising for it) opens that door. And besides, it’s pretty easy to confuse ‘Turia’ with ‘Tellytubby’, isn’t it?

    I wrote on Hilary Calvert’s wall:

    ‘Excellent speech in the House on the Marine & Coastal Area Bill, Hilary. The apoplexy from Tarian Turia and Hone Hatfield/Harawira, two of the most racist hypocrites to ever disgrace the Parliament, is laughable. Incidentally, prior to the election John Key and the National Party had a policy of dispensing with the race-based seats. They’ve been a bit quiet since going into a power-sharing deal with the party of apartheid. Any idea what’s happening there?’

    That’ll get ’em jumping!


  7. Yup, on getting the opposition recorded in the Hansard. It will be useful evidence come the treason trials. Not really that much of a surprise about her public speaking ability though, Pinky. From her profile on the ACT site:

    ‘Hilary Calvert entered Parliament as an ACT MP on 12 October 2010. Prior to this she was a lawyer specialising in trusts, relationship property advice and commercial leasing arrangements.’

    So she wasn’t a Barrister, she was a Solicitor. Much more back-room stuff and not so much playing for a crowd.


  8. When will someone ask these journalists/frauds why it is that only one side of the debate is considered acceptable?

    As far as I am concerned, if people are fine with grouping a whole race together when saying something positive, then surely it is acceptable to group a whole race of people together when saying something negative?

    Anything less than this completely undermines debate on any issue.


  9. Sorry, just what argument was Hilary making that couldn’t be dealt with? Looks to me like she had too much to drink – “Alice in Wonderland”, blah blah blah. WTF!


  10. “Looks to me like she had too much to drink”

    All you leftist scum are good for is cowardly smears. And you protest because your posts are deleted? I’ll leave this up as a good example of all you repellent people are capable of.


  11. Don’t be too hard on Brendon–state skool indoctrination will do that to kiddies. Besides, he’s typing one-handed…. 😉


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