Kaipara Harbour Turbines- More Subversives who Should Be Jailed

There are a lot of people who have put a lot of money into the venture to generate electricity by means of tidal turbines in the Kaipara harbour. They invested that money in the project on the unspoken undertaking that their venture would be protected by the laws of New Zealand.

Once again we have separatist and communist groups and assorted hangers on threatening breaches of law by interfering with this project and apparently the Police will not enforce laws to prevent it. The developers putting their money into this project have been through an exhaustive FOUR YEAR process to prove their plan is OK with environmental regulations. They have agreed to halt the project and remove their turbines from the harbour if there are any damaging effects. The project is subject to constant review by environmental authorities. The project should therefore go ahead and be protected from saboteurs and vandals and subversives by NZ law when it does.

The Dargaville News reports-

Around 250 people gathered at the township’s community hall where the flotilla plan was first mooted. Many criticise the consultation process and believe the scheme will have dire consequences for the environment. Flotilla supporters include Northland MP Kelvin Davis.

Davis is a Labour Party MP and ex-teacher. According to his party about page he is “proud of his links to his hapu of Ngati Manu and he is most at home mucking around on his marae in Karetu in the Bay of Islands with his cousins, uncles and family. Kelvin’s move into politics came about because of his success as a Maori educator. He was very vocal in his community about the conditions necessary to ensure Maori achieve beyond their potential. He believes that “Treaty settlements are but the cream on the cake, and not the cake itself.” (Its icing Kelvin, not cream. Cream is for coffee.)

Then we have this-

Mikaera Miru, a spokesman for the Maori subtribe Te Uri o Hau, suggests a wahi tapu should be placed over the harbour – effectively making it a cultural no go zone. “Shut the whole thing down,” he says.

Who the hell are these thugs to be talking of “shutting the whole thing down”?. They’re not an alternative government. So what does that make them? Just another damn Maori gang out to defy the law and beat people up unless they give them money? There is one law and one government and they’re the only legal institution who can “shut this project down”.

If Mikaera Miru and his “sub tribe” take any action to impede progress on this project they should be arrested and jailed, and put in a cell next to the separatist and racist Labour MP Kelvin Davis. This country needs electric power. The government is mandating renewable energy sources. It needs to protect the developers of this project with the law, as every NZ law abiding citizen should be protected.

4 thoughts on “Kaipara Harbour Turbines- More Subversives who Should Be Jailed

  1. Damn straight!
    I heard this on the news this morning and had much the same reaction. These thugs should be locked up! And what’s with this “wahi tapu” BS? – sounds like anytime something is about to go down which some Maori group is against, even if it’s legal, they can pull out this “wahi tapu” card and, no doubt, in deference to the treaty government will be obliged to kowtow to their demands.

    Any guesses how the quisling Key will handle this?


  2. Agree.

    What makes me curious is: Who is rousing these idiots and at what cost? These clowns are too frequently too lazy to get out of bed yet they have energy for all sorts of bullshit and bluster about things they’d likely know sweet FA about if the debate is about economic improvements. Is someone paying them?


  3. “wahi tapu”, pigs arse. I think you will find these thugs haven’t had their palms greased with bulky envelopes. Shonkey and his school of jellyfish are going to have to step up soon or this country will become unlivable and social order will be out the window. These scum and shit like them will make great target practice when frustrated hungry people are looking for a scapegoat.


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