Big Boi and The Auckland Airport Cowards

NZ Herald news item-

An airport toy shop has been ordered to hide its “golliwogg” dolls after they offended a visiting black American hip hop star. Big Boi – half of chart-topping hip hop duo Outkast who performed solo at a packed Powerstation on Thursday night – noticed the dolls at Auckland Airport-based Natures Window as he was leaving yesterday.

Readers of this blog might not know who “Big Boi” is. Believe me guys, you should be grateful for that small ignorance. You don’t need to know. However, according to Wiki, Big Boi is Antwan André Patton (born February 1, 1975), an American rapper, song-writer, record producer and actor, best known for being a member of American hip hop duo OutKast alongside André 3000. In 2006, Big Boi founded the Big Kidz Foundation a nonprofit organization to help youth in Atlanta.[11]] The Foundation’s mission is “to provide culturally diverse experiences in the field of humanities while helping create socially-conscious youth.”

In August 2011, Patton was returning from a cruise when a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement drug dog at the Port of Miami alerted officers. Patton was arrested and charged with illegal possession of controlled substances Viagra, ecstasy pills and MDMA powder. Patton was released from the Miami-Dade County jail on a $16,000 bond.

Here are some typical lyrics from one of Big Boi’s so called “rap songs”.

Typical day off in the A [aye]
But nicks on the Chevrolet, [aye]
Nigga wanna rob okay, okay
Way stand his waylay
Keep looking at me what a Gangsta grill
I’m gonna give your ass a Gangsta’s pill
That’s a little piece of lead, taken to the head
That nigga ain’t live that nigga there dead
Taken dirt naps, sleeping with the fishes,
Done like dishes, It’s a wrap like Christmas
Big Boi you said a word I’ll make these niggas dreams a nightmare
I will bust there motherfucker head ha ha ha

The Herald story says airport management quickly ordered the removal of the dolls after being contacted by the Weekend Herald.

“Once we were made aware, the retailer was immediately asked to remove the product from sale,” airport corporate relations manager Richard Llewellyn said. “While individual retail companies at the airport make their own choices about the products and services they sell, the airport also has the right to ask those retailers to cease selling products that may be regarded as objectionable or inappropriate.

“In this case we acknowledge that this is a product widely regarded as inappropriate and likely to cause offence, and as a result the retailer has been asked to remove it from sale.” We apologise for any offence caused as a result of this product being on sale at the airport.”

All I can say to this is that this Richard Llewellyn character strikes me as the most disgusting coward, cringing and grovelling and pandering to the hypocritical complaints of a degenerate viagra using and drug dependent rapper who writes and performs songs with violent and abusive lyrics that are much more offensive than any little doll in a toyshop window.

Y’know what they’re going to do now? Only put white golliwogs on sale. What utter madness.

Auckland Airport’s Richard Llewellyn at the welcoming sign

11 thoughts on “Big Boi and The Auckland Airport Cowards

  1. Ah yes, that wonderful weasel word…”inappropriate”.
    When management is intimidated by violent, foul-mouthed drug-addled nigger lowlifes, we have to ask where they stash their balls–if they had any in the first place, that is.
    The airport management is more contemptible and repulsive than the rapper.


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  3. The defence the left always use in regards to the lyrics of the scumbag, Is artisic merit!!

    Bill Hastings the former cheif censor often banned hardcore porn yet allowed hardcore gay porn on the basis of “artistic merit”.

    I actually love gollywog dolls, I still have a copy of little black sambo as well. I can understand if people find it offensive but They dont ask news agents to take playboy off the shelves do they!!!.


  4. So big boi was offended. OFFENDED? God, I’m so terribly sorry I want to scourge myself with nails and cactus. My overwhelming sadness at his offence will probably ruin the rest of my now miserable and wretched life. If this message were written on paper , the document would be soggy with tears.
    big boi’s crushed sensitivity has broken my heart. The recalling of the offensive items was tragically too little and too late. My counsellor is advising tablets and time to heal. It could take a while.


  5. “the airport also has the right to ask those retailers to cease selling products that may be regarded as objectionable or inappropriate.”
    So they’ll remove the duty-free booze if a muslim complains then?


  6. KG. “So they’ll remove the duty-free booze if a muslim complains then?” That would be interesting. Our so-called race-relations chappie de jour, at great tax-payer cost by the way, will pontificate as ever, forgetting as always, that these matters are incidentially race related but always cultural.


  7. Western culture has been battered relentlessly by it’s enemies these last 40 years.
    We have been conditioned to retreat and apologise for just existing.
    Part of this is the race thing. The race card trumps all.It’s even legislated.
    The bullies,and this thug is an obvious one,are quick to exercise their power and voila ,instant results.
    The English riots are another example. Shoot an armed black man and your houses will burn.
    The law is no longer enforced without fear or favour, it’s now all about fear and favour.


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