Who’s “we” Elizabeth?

Elizabeth Binning has penned an article in today’s NZ Herald entitled “Sex education: have we got it wrong?”

I was affronted by the inclusiveness of the title. We..?? Who the hell is “we” Elizabeth? Sex education as it occurs in school today has never been put to any kind of consensus test. It was imposed upon children and parents by bullying social liberals in the education dept. The Nikki Kayes and Jacinda Ardens and David Farrars and Chris Carters of this world.

If there’s anything been got wrong, its down to you and them Elizabeth. Conservatives have always seen sex education as a parental obligation. Don’t try and drag me into your demented liberal Progressive bullshit. I’ve never been part of it.

Drop the “we” business. Stop trying to imply there is no division over this. The correct title is “Have the social liberals got it wrong?” And of course they have. They’re brainwashed mungbeans who are wrong on everything.