John Key- A Disgusting Quisling Betraying New Zealanders To His Maori Party Friends

This dirty little upmarket pokey player who smarmed his way to Prime Minister is going too far this time. How can any New Zealander support this craven sellout and his gutless supplication to the racists and separatists of the Maori Party?

Tuhoe’s lead negotiator is optimistic the iwi could sign a settlement including self-government of Te Urewera National Park and Lake Waikaremoana as early as next year.

Tamati Kruger says Tuhoe has never been closer to reaching a favourable settlement – but it would continue to push for its desire to have maximum autonomy if expectations were not met.

Among other conditions, the iwi wanted to self-govern the area stretching from Opotiki to Putere on the Wairoa side, and the edge of Taupo and Rotorua on the other side.

The iwi had already proven it could self-govern, and was “inter-dependent” before Parliament was established, Mr Kruger said.

This region represents about 20% of the North Island. Hat tip to PM of NZ.

Go there and read more on this disgusting sellout of our country to the forces of separatism.

Update: There is a good article on this at Muriel’s place. (Thanks to John for the pointer)

9 thoughts on “John Key- A Disgusting Quisling Betraying New Zealanders To His Maori Party Friends

  1. Key doesn’t tramp or hunt or fish or kayak… what’s he lost when the access is closed?……..nuthin.


  2. Self govern with my money. Any benefit to the nation through tourists wanting to see slaves being cannibalised will be offset by the cost of policing the border.
    From ‘Everybody Winz’- to workers just lose more faster. John Key is now worse than Helen.


  3. I bet that every one of those involved in the negotiations critisized South Africa for its policies of separatism and self-determination………………or more commonly known as apartheid and the independant homelands.


  4. the marxists are applying the divide and conquer rule one more time, create privilege where there was none, and disenfranchising the masses to the benefit of the few.


  5. F&S already set the precedent for these type of claims. The Crown is a representation of NZers and our beaches have been just given up to appease the separatists.

    They want “Maori Sovereignty” but there’s a catch, they want white tax payers to fund it. Key just doesn’t give a fuck.


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