The Best Reason To Privatize NZ Education

Public education once worked reasonably well in terms of education. Why is it a basket case now? Because it has been taken over by the left, and the left by their very nature destroy everything they get control of.

They have destroyed our government, our media, so many of our public institutions and ultimately our economy. At the root of most of this destruction is their takeover and ruination of the public education system

Whale Oil has been doing an excellent job of exposing how the left have infiltrated this public institution, and are using it not to educate, but to indoctrinate our children.

No other argument carries as much weight as the simple fact that the left have ruined the public education system and the only way it can be restored, or education can be returned to its real purpose, is by freeing it from the control of the left.

Whatever view you may hold the privatisation of education, its all that can be done to fix things at the moment, and therefore, given how important it is that our children are truly educated, and not used as a means to the left obtaining their wished for one party state, it has to happen.