Stupid Obama / Left Wing / Liberal Voters

These people were lining up to vote for Obama when he was first elected to the US Presidency.

Their rank ignorance is an excellent example of how the despicable left work. Keep people uninformed, half educated, and full of mainstream liberal ideas and isolate them from anything that might change their way of thinking.

Feed them one dimensional rubbish through the politically corrupt mainstream media, so they don’t really have any idea of what is really going on, and then send them off to the polling booth so ignorant they’ve got no real idea who or what they are voting for.

6 thoughts on “Stupid Obama / Left Wing / Liberal Voters

  1. Yet they can all vote and have kids.
    It’s a reality check…..we foolishly believe the plebs give a rat’s…..they don’t.
    It’s why the general MSM “vibe” wins and loses elections.


  2. Yes, I once failed to vote in a council election and was hounded for years.

    However in the US, I think only about 50% of the population votes anyway. (Not sure, just a guess)


  3. Hey Redbaiter
    I didn’t vote at a local council election ( in NSW ) and I was fined $50.I refused to pay the $50 and it was then raised to $100 and I was also informed that if I didn’t pay the fine then my driver’s licence would be cancelled.
    Is that extortion?


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