Massive Obama Electoral Fraud Discovered In Indiana

US Political parties have to collect a minimum of 500 signatures in each state to get their presidential candidate on the ballot in that state.

A recent investigation has uncovered that in the prelude to the 2008 election, at least 19 pages of Obama’s petitions in the state of Indiana were copied from a ballot in an earlier election.

Erich Speckin, a forensic document analyst, examined the petitions at the request of The Tribune newspaper.

He said there is clear evidence, based on the consistency of the handwriting, that about 10 pages in the Obama petition were filled in by the same person, and another person apparently filled in nine pages. He said it’s possible another two people filled in several more pages. Each page in the petition contains up to 10 signatures.

Similar forgeries exist on Hillary Clinton’s ballot.

The full extent of the fakery is not yet known. The situation, however, calls into question whether either Clinton or Obama, both of whom were U.S. senators at the time, should have been on the Indiana primary ballot.

Full story South Bend Tribune.

5 thoughts on “Massive Obama Electoral Fraud Discovered In Indiana

  1. Whatever happens, nothing will happen.
    The ramifications of the last Pres election being found null and void are unthinkable.

    You ever think of reposition your posts of major comment interest with a one line update to keep them on the first page?
    a la Bolt.


  2. Holder is the key to Obama. If Holder can be impeached as Attorney General and it is looking increasingly likely he will be, then Obama’s tricks will not be able to be kept hidden.


  3. Errr….the famous original Bryce L post…. 147 comments……I still haven’t dealt to all the jappies….though most have retired hurt…..makes it easier to find.


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