Fake Signatures on Indiana Ballot- Is Obama a Legal President?

I wrote on this issue the other day. It seems like its a matter that is gaining momentum.

How much more illegal stuff is going to be located concerning Barack Obama’s strange rise to power, and when will there be an accounting for the crimes involved in ushering this fake and fraud into the White House?

No background checks (where is his real BC?), no identity checks (what are his real names and what are his aliases?), where does his money come from (Shady global sources) how come he could afford the property he bought? (see more- The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues. )

The South Bend Tribune in Indiana reports-

Minus suspected fakes, then Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama likely fell short of the number of signatures needed to appear on the 2008 Indiana primary ballot, and it’s possible his opponent, Hillary Clinton, did as well, according to information obtained by The Tribune as part of an investigation into suspected ballot petition fraud.

Trent Deckard, Democratic co-director of the state Election Division, in an e-mail Thursday told The Tribune Obama’s 2008 petition for primary ballot placement in the state contained just 534 certified signatures in the 2nd Congressional District. Clinton’s petition contained 704 certified signatures, he said.

Presidential candidates must collect at least 500 signatures in each of the state’s nine congressional districts to appear on the statewide primary ballot in Indiana.

Source- Fake signatures may mean Obama didn’t actually qualify in Indiana..