A Quiet Start to 2012

Heading back home from my far too short vacation break. Iowans cast the first votes in the Republican primary today. I see the left are still claiming that Mit Romney is the only “sensible” choice for non leftists. What arrogance.

NZ Herald- Editorial: Romney the best bet for Republicans

I can’t see anyone in the Republican field who fully encapsulates the fast growing anger at the accelerating corruption of our public institutions by the left. Also, since Cain retired, none of them are talking about tax reform. (Rumours of Cain and Palin’s re-entry abound)

Santorum had a little to say about the destruction of our schools and universities. While left wing control of education is so deep and so ingrained in New Zealand it is regarded as the “norm”, there is growing resistance in the US. Says Santorum- “Let’s look at colleges and universities. They’ve become indoctrination centers for the left. Should we be subsidizing that?”

Did Santorum Strike Nerve? :: Accuracy In Academia

A left wing academic describes Santorum’s threats to defund left wing universities as an attack on freedom of speech. This allegation comes after the left have, in an organised campaign, shut Conservatives out of universities for decades.

New York is a disgusting liberal progressive hole these days and out of town visitors are being subjected to tyrannical and unconstitutional anti-gun laws. For asking where he could check in his licensed concealed carry weapon when visiting the Empire State building, a former Marine with no criminal record spent two days in jail and now faces a possible 15 year jail sentence.

Marine faces 15 years behind bars for unknowingly violating gun law

A closet Republican voter comes out in the workplace and experiences hatred and venom from a left wing co-worker.

Liberal Ignorance, Hate, and Intolerance: Your “Friendly” Co-Worker

On Australia’s Sunshine Coast, they’re saying goodbye to Bruce Ruxton, who died a couple of days before Christmas. As The Australian Conservative says-

[He was] a man of strong views, he was not always agreed with, but respected as a person who would not shirk, by reason of fear, from the consequences in the field, and he would not shirk, by reason of fear, from the consequences of his statements.

Too right, and I will miss the true hero Bruce Ruxton, and we all desperately miss his standout characteristic of speaking directly and openly in our current crop of wishy washy stand for nothing poll driven public officials.

Meanwhile, back in the shakey isles, or the land of the long red shroud, they’re right on to the important stuff. A police warning to young girls to be careful about how much they drink is met with anger from feminist writer Catherine Woulfe who asks why isn’t there a similar warning issued to young males.

Warning: Don’t get drunk and raped

So I’ll issue the warning right now- to all my male readers, be careful over the holiday season, and be aware that if you get drunk, you’re increasing your chances of being raped by a rabid feminist. Now don’t say you haven’t been told.

2 thoughts on “A Quiet Start to 2012

  1. Strewth! Imagine getting hammered and wandering into the Hand Mirror….*shudder*. Even beer goggles wouldn’t redeem that unlovely lot. 😦


  2. “… and be aware that if you get drunk, you’re increasing your chances of being raped by a rabid feminist.”

    … or being sodomised by one of their G[L]BT partners in crime.

    And regarding KG fantasising about what would happen should he inadvertantly wander into Handmirror land – the real risk is from the feminists there who, having suffered from such extreme cases of penis envy, have had strap-ons surgically added and are just dieing to try them out on the first real™ male who happens to wander into the joint.

    “Submit to your superiors, boy, and while you’re at it squeal like a pig”.

    Lets just hope there are no Muslim apologists there [probably are], otherwise you may have to bleat like a goat instead.


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