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  1. I notice contributors Blair and TB12 have suddenly dropped off the list of authors at Clint Heine’s sewer.

    Don’t tell me they actually felt some shame in relation to the disgusting garbage that is written there and decided to quit.

    Who really needs their name associated with lowlife crap like that?


  2. Re: survey on “socialism” and “capitalism” – while you would expect whites to favour capitalism, and blacks socialism [ties in with your recent post, KG], it’s interesting that Hispanics view BOTH socialism and capitalism negatively.
    You have to wonder what they do actually view as a positive system of government – or maybe they’re primarily anarchists 😉 [or just confused]


  3. I’m not sure about Hispanics (having known very few Hispanic people), but I think the Socialism/Capitalism thing is less black/white than it is tribal. People from tribal backgrounds tend to favour a strong, central leader (e.g. a tribal chief) who will take care of them; feed them, clothe them, make all their decisions for them, etc. I suspect the reason it is more prevalent amongst black people is because they have a far higher proportion of tribalism in their heritage, but it seems to me it is equally true of white tribalists as black ones. This is the reason Scottish people vote for Labour party politicians in every UK election from city council right through to Parliament. They like their Clan Leaders to take care of them.

    I’ve been pondering this for a while now, and the more I consider it, the more it makes sense. Can someone please punch gaping holes in this theory for me, because I really don’t want to admit that tribal socialism is in my celtic blood!


  4. “Can someone please punch gaping holes in this theory for me?”

    I’m thinking about it. Can’t come up with anything. Can’t wait to try the argument out on my Scottish socialist friend.


  5. The brothel story reminds me of the attempt a few years ago,presumably by the Green SD coalition in Germany to force businesses to take on youthful apprentices.
    Did this apply to brothels? Oops,very well we’ll drop that one.



  6. Editorial: Time to crack down on beach’s naked poseurs
    5:29 AM Saturday Jan 7, 2012


    For once I mast applaud the Herald on its editorial. They are also accepting comments. I hope some on this blog take the opportunity.

    I have nothing against naturalist but what is happening at Ladies Bay if accurate is criminal behaviour. Indecent exposure is a summary offence that carries a 3 month jail penalty. Committing an indecent act in public carries a 2 year penalty. This type of behaviour is not confined to Ladies Bay or even beaches. Many of these deviants think it is okay to have sex in a public toilet. However, I say lets target Ladies Bay.

    Anyone in the Auckland area who is prepared to more than just comment on blogs often anonymously contact me at chuckbirdnz@gmail.com and we can coordinate an action plan.


  7. Good on you, Chuck – more power to your elbow.
    If I was up in Auckland I would be more than happy to join you. From the various articles I’ve read, including comments, it seems as though this might be the actions of the local sodomite community, and that they regard this beach as a “gay cruising” area.

    Lets hope more people complain, and that the cops come down on this hard, and don’t play the ‘homophobe’ card and go all limp on their response [puns intended].

    It’s going to be very interesting to see how this all plays out – keep us informed.


  8. Been busy in real life, Kris. Having a look in occasionally.

    I see my other half has been boxing you around the ears. :lol

    You know, another ironic thing is that the whole contraception issue was the final thing that converted me to Catholicism a number of years back. I read the articles and they made total and absolute sense to me. So, it’s not one of the beliefs I accepted on faith.

    What I did have to accept on faith was that we had one life (ie no reincarnation) and that God became man and was born of the Virgin Mary. I found both quite incredible and difficult to believe.


  9. People from tribal backgrounds tend to favour a strong, central leader (e.g. a tribal chief) who will take care of them; feed them, clothe them, make all their decisions for them, etc. I suspect the reason it is more prevalent amongst black people is because they have a far higher proportion of tribalism in their heritage, but it seems to me it is equally true of white tribalists as black ones.

    Well, where do I start? On black tribalism: you make an incorrect assumption that the African leader is benevolent. That is not the case as they rule by terror, imposing the harshest sanctions for disobedience and by keeping their henchmen happy through their largesse; always finding more thugs to do their fouls deeds through fear of falling foul of their ‘leader’. This has been evident in one post colonial African state after another, but it is not only a post colonial practice. Shaka Zulu marched through southeastern Africa devouring those who stood in his way. His fearsome reputation made one group after another bend to his wishes and fall into his service (and form the Zulu nation), creating a massive and diciplined army that killed off all his opposition (the mfecane)….or drove them north (Ndebele) or southwards (Xosa). Dingaan and Ceteswayo followed his example.

    Yes black people have tribal backgrounds (in that I’m assuming you mean their genetic origin), but then so do Caucasians – Celt, Saxon, Hispanic, Greek, Roman, Nordic, etc, etc. For centuries small groupings would band together, often in the lee of a fortress, seeking security in numbers. In return they would pay a tax/offer a service to the leader/strongman. As these groups became bigger/stronger a terratorial need would arise and they’d go and knock over the bunch next door. To get on together these groups needed a common language and developed common mannerisms….and so become a Nation/’a people’, often with similar facial characteristics, etc, through interbreeding. Europe was a dark and dangerous place of squalor and violence as the peoples struggled to survive and propogate their genetic material and by sticking together as a ‘tribe’ they were more likely to survive.

    Desmond Morris in his book “The Naked Ape” explores the similarity between human behaviour and that of various primate groups he studied, their societal structure, their leadership (chosen through displays of strength), etc. Robert Ardrey (“African Genesis” and “The Terratorial Imperative”) points out that it was social organisation, along with the ‘killer ape’ theory that differentiated us from other primates.

    So you can see that all three of the above examples have depended on a group sticking together under a leader for survival. The leader assumes that position through a postion of strength demonstrated through physical prowess and/or guile. The diffence between the three is their degree of evolution.

    On the other hand political ideologies in communities are developed because of prevailing circumstances/ideas promulgated by individuals within those communities. So we see this with the Scots………. just a miserable crowd, living in perpetual damp and cold, and who have a few shit-stirrers in their midst who feel others must pay for their miserable lives. ; )


  10. Thanks for that mawm. Don’t really care about Africa (I included them for illustration purposes only), but it’s comforting to know Scotland is a socialist shite-hole not because it’s genetic but because the weather is shitty!


  11. I notice a lot discussion about different peoples views on their interpretation of the Bible on GD 6 Jan. This just demonstrates again that a Christian party is not possible. I am a little disappointed that I have not got more support in doing something practical to stop militant and aggressive homosexuals taking over beaches not to mention public toilets.

    I realise direct confrontation is not everyone’s cup of tea but I see no one has even supported me on Len Brown’s FB. No one has emailed me offering any sort of support. These sort of things happen time after time. There has been numerous times when homosexuals have influenced sex education in schools. When parents find out what their children are taught there is an outcry and things die down until the next time.

    I contacted a friend who lives in St Heliers. He told me how when the old brick shithouse (literally) tucked discreetly up the back of St Heliers Dingle Dell Reserve and replaced it with a new metal electric door one, very visible and close to the road the high number of cruising queers was cut to zero overnight, and gave the Reserve back to the people. It looks like that has meant more have moved to Ladies Bay for their cruising.

    The Herald says, “United action will reclaim bay from exhibitionists”. It anyone prepared to help?



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