Update on Disputed Iowa Vote Count

A blog run by the Des Moines Register (Iowa’s biggest newspaper) is reporting that Appanoose County GOP chairman Lyle Brinegar has confirmed that the vote for Romney was overstated by 20 in the Moulton Precinct where Edward True worked as a vote counter. (see post below)

Moulton resident Edward True has signed an affidavit saying that he helped count the vote at the Garrett Memorial Library in Moulton and that the precinct had two votes for Romney, not 22, as reported online by the state GOP.

Brinegar says True is correct. “I’m not disputing what Ed True said,” Brinegar said.

Unless this discrepancy is recovered through similar counting errors in some other precinct, it means that Romney’s total is reduced by 20 and Santorum wins Iowa. However-

Matt Strawn, chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, continued to express confidence Friday that the order of finish will not change. He said the party would make no further comment until its two-week vote certification process is complete.

Funny that. How does Mr Matt Strawn know this very important outcome without all the facts being made public? I guess a bit of openness would be too much to hope for.

UPDATED: Mitt Romney got 20 fewer votes in Moulton precinct, Appanoose County GOP chairman says

4 thoughts on “Update on Disputed Iowa Vote Count

  1. Santo is a social conservative, big govt, welfare statist…….. parallels with Tony Abbott are obvious.

    That means Romney is better than someone. Amazing.


  2. Romney is a Liberal. By definition: his vote counts will never, ever be an accurate count of what people voted for.

    By now, that should be axiomatic.

    That means Romney is better than someone. Amazing.

    Romney is of course better than Osama bin Kenya. He has out-fundraised ObK, and on all recently polls, has a 3-5% margin over ObK in the general election.

    Of course: ObK is more liberal than Romney – which means Romney cannot expect to win even if he led 90%-10% in every poll.


  3. Agree generally Andy…..but Santo is a religious dill and big government lover.

    Romney is only better because he’s a corporate statist rather than a welfare statist when push comes to shove….a distinction with bugger all difference.

    As if anyone gives a rat’s arse about abortion except the economically illiterate base, it’s gonna be there and available forever, it happens mostly to the underclasses, what’s not to like? Better the base gets agitated about the sun rising in the east.

    The only way the Reps get up is via, say, an economic crisis….a derivative collapse of the back of Money Centre banks exposure to under water CDS’s when, say, Italy defaults.
    A long bow.

    Newt has 50 IQ points on any of them, I give an operator like that a President job on basic principles.


  4. interesting indeed… the lefts least unfriendly GOP candidate gets a double keyed 2 inserted into the count, and is now in front. On the actual polling day itself the committee managed to find another 8 votes to put him in front of Santorum.
    Is this the big govt insiders rigging the Election to put an unelectable Mormon as the contender against the incumbent?


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