The Time Of Cowards

Maybe 20 years ago, Lindsay Perigo said he was living in the age of bullshit. An accurate assessment of the culture of that time, but it has occurred to me over the last few weeks that things have deteriorated even from that low point and we’re now living in a time politically characterised by an even worse human failing and that is cowardice.

I despise the left but I give them credit for being fighters. They know what they want and they go after it using methods that eventually bring success. The NZ Labour party for example is not afraid to publicly list its long and short term objectives. They’re odious objectives from odious people, but at least the left have the courage to put their plans on the table for all to see.

I see no similar objectives from the so called right side of the political spectrum. I suspect this is because they’ve been so completely infiltrated by the left that they’re more or less happy to accept the left’s blueprint and just aim for a few alterations in the outcomes. When they should have a list of goals that completely counters what the left want.

For example Mitt Romney’s run for President was characterised by an extremely weak offensive. His advisers (like the hapless Karl Rove) counseled him not to confront the President with matters that might be categorised as personal attacks, and not to go after him on the Libyan betrayal. Neither will the Republicans go after the corrupt mainstream media.

So we have two high level issues here with the Republican Party- one is the lack of a political agenda and two is the perception that they shouldn’t fight too hard or it “might offend people”.

The left of course have no such concerns.

The Republicans, (and the NZ National Party, and the UK Conservatives, and the Australian Liberal Party) are all transfixed and made ineffective by the same characteristic, a meekness and unwillingness to fight that is becoming to look more and more like utter cowardice. They’re too frightened to have a list of goals, or at least too frightened to make those goals public, and they’re too frightened to carry out a real offensive in pursuit of those goals.

After their defeat, many of the Republicans are suggesting they move even further away from their heritage and founding principles and become even more like the left. These are the real cowards, and they can’t seem to grasp the simple point that if you believe in something you fight for it otherwise you may as well not hold that belief.

Was it Groucho Marx who said he had principles, “but if you don’t like them, I have plenty more”? A sad joke on the state of the political right.

It’s clearly apparent that Barack Obama is a communist and a crook and a fraud supported by crooks and frauds and bludgers and no hopers and a corrupt gang of liars and thugs called the mainstream media and he wants to radically transform America and take it far from its constitutional moorings into the stinking derelict swamp of European socialism, and he’s actually doing these things and the current Republican Party seems powerless to stop him.

Since when has it been hard to arrest crooks and confront liars? Only since the Republican Party and most parties on the right in the west lost their collective spines.

The right have to assemble a force prepared to duke it out with the left. To lay out a plan that counters the one the left have and to loudly and enthusiastically pursue the objectives in that plan. They have to also confront the left (and the Barack Obama gang in the US) on what they really are (mostly communists) and crooks and thieves and gangsters. They also have to develop a strategy to destroy the hold the left have on our public institutions like the media, our education services, and our entertainment industry, to name just a few.

Yesterday I listened to Mark Levin and all I could do was nod my head in agreement as the show unfolded and Mark berated the Republicans for cowardice. He was thinking very much as I was thinking and as I suspect many of the readers of this blog similarly think.

The right have the organisation, and they have the money, and they have power, and they have support (around 50% still voted for the Repubs and against Obama) so why did they lose?

They lost because of cowardice. The Australian Builder’s Labourers union motto was “If you don’t fight you lose”. Its time the so called right learned something about why they have been losing for so long and the left have been winning. When it comes to courage and commitment to their cause, the left have it. The right do not.

The Levin show I referred to above is very good value and it can be listened to or downloaded by clicking on this link. (11/15/12)

16 thoughts on “The Time Of Cowards

  1. Right on the mark! I’ve been saying this for ever; you can never advance a conservative/right-leaning agenda without first getting rid of the liberal stranglehold on local government, government departments, education, and the media. John Key has not addressed one of these, or perhaps as you imply, he doesn’t really want to as he and his party, are liberal through and through.

    As you suggest, the Republicans, the Carl Rove et al., have done a poor job of conveying the conservative message. What they have to do is get someone like Mark Levin to front the party; someone who is not afraid to go on the offensive. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with the conservative message; it just needs someone to clearly convey how conservatism is good for a nation. The problem with Levin, however, is the fact that liberals would find him to be too honest and too truthful, and they have an adversity to those traits.

    But I am almost a 100% sure they will front another Romney next time as well. Marko Rubio is presently being touted; while he is better I still have questions about him as well.


  2. The problem with Levin, however, is the fact that liberals would find him to be too honest and too truthful, and they have an adversity to those traits.

    That’s right, they can’t even raise the courage to call the Democrat Party and their lying media cronies what they really are, a collection of closet communists and socialists.

    Its as if “communist” is a forbidden word, and none of the gutless bastards in the Repubs even came to Allan West’s defense when he used it to describe the Progressive faction in the Democrats recently.

    Just so averse to truth its almost a mental illness.

    And in another example of gutlessness they have done very little to back up Sherrif Joe Arpaio in Arizona, one of the few law enforcement officials with the courage to go after Barack Obama’s forged BC and to enforce immigration laws.

    They’ve left him hung out to dry when they should be behind him en masse.

    Just weak frightened cowards.


  3. What if they are not cowards? What if all is going according to plan? What if the plan all along is to allow a few voices to air what is the truth so that the listeners say “hey, now our leaders can’t hide from it and have to act.” And so the listeners don’t act and wait for their “leaders” to act instead. But our leaders don’t act even after the Levins and Savages speak of the aspects you have just listed?

    The answer that must occasionally occur to most of us on the Right, but for which we have been conditioned to deny and not speak of, is that those we think are our leaders are in league with the Left.

    I personally think it is a loose confederation. The Left is too filled with loons to get along with masterminds.

    From the start all of us know of loons who will complain of anything, even that black is white and white is black, like critical theory explains that they will.

    After that, all that is needed is for the masterminds who seek personal power to be thoroughly embedded in the Right. It is only in the Right where it is unChristian or unAmerican to charge people with treason without good proof. The ones who rise to the top have gotten there because they know how not to go too far in their compromises with the Left.

    Well, that was until recently.

    Who in the Right in NZ trusts Key for instance? Yet the Farrar’s of your world call you nuts for resisting his Leftward march. That’s how it’s been done down there. “Hey Redbaiter, shut up, You”re no real conservative. You’re a wingnut.” I’m not sure if it’s effective because the sheep buy that sort of personal attack, or because we on the right take it personal and spend too much time worrying about the attacks rather than getting the job done. I really don’t know.

    Anyway, what you are seeing down there is also my experience about how it’s been done in the USA too. Local GOP leaders get very angry at young turks who complain of the RINOs in the party. All those who knuckle under are allowed to stay. All those who are dissatisfied are encouraged to leave and join the Libertarians or other 3rd parties. The only real solution though is for the young turks to seek each other out and band together. But that requires leadership training, and all leadership training I ever had the privilege to be invited to was to learn to take orders and not ask too many questions. IOW, training to be managers and not leaders.

    In the end, all at the top of the GOP are management material that was elevated. And they know how to take orders from vested interests which rarely make a public appearance. That’s what Plato tells us the ancient Sophists taught the young of the ruling class in Athens, and it appears that that pattern is still being copied. I only wish I understood all this when I was young and healthy AND had the balls to take on the alleged leaders when they barked at me.

    And then, of course, are there are outright misanthropes who are also embedded in the power seekers. They are falling all over themselves in orgiastic delight watching us not knowing whom to trust while our technologically advanced world collapses due to our own lowest and least noble appetites being rekindled through cultural attack. (Critical Theory again).

    Redbaiter. You know as do I of all the elements that make up this crazy world. Piece the puzzle together and see the nature of our problem. I pray to God we are not too far gone to do that and still be able to do anything about it.


  4. I’m seeing three key elements to this argument:

    (1) the Left own the culture. As Alfonzo Rachel said recently, win the culture and you win the country. Vote fraud aside (and it’s looking like Axelrod’s vote fraud effort this cycle was a symphony utterly breathtaking in its scale and substance) enough Americans voted to become Greece that it negated the 23+ million Conservatives, Tea Party Patriots and other Republicans who were so inspired by Romney that they stayed home.

    (2) the Left (still) frame the debate, and the “right” are (as you point out, Red) too cowardly to fight. Just look at Tony Abbott in Australia. He’s spending so much time John Key-ing (smiling and waving) trying to prove he’s not a misogynist he’s no time left to take the fight to the most corrupt and incompetent government in Australia’s history. On top of that, as is usual with parties of the “right” these days the Liberals are about to allow their enemies to choose their leader.

    (3) you’re right, Pascal, they’re managers rather than leaders. And it’s a universal truism that every manager, if he has ambition, will be promoted to one level beyond that of his competency. A sad indictment which is, however, all-too true of the current leadership (look at Boehner for example, who is happy to sit with King Barry and talk about raising taxes, or Cantor, who protected King Barry on the eve of the election).


  5. Yes Gantt. But I caution anyone against thinking that the GOP being managed by TWANLOCs such as those are totally incompetent and weak. When a real conservative tries to challenge them, then they are suddenly not the pushovers they act like when in battle with the Left. Hence my suspicions as to their real agenda and my conclusion that they are not fit to be the leadership of any true opposition to Statism.

    For those truly on the Right, and smart and fit enough, recognize that the absence of true leadership means there is a vacuum there. Start thinking like a leader and grateful followers will find you. It’s natural. And remeber not to be too trusting. Our real opposition has an unending number of tricks with which to subvert. New leadership needs to think like Eliot Ness.


  6. The news is even worse than you imagine.

    Thirty years ago we used to idly speculate what would happen to the Western world when the US finally discovered socialism and 50.1 % embraced it. It was always going to happen and there is no way back, that’s a demographic certainty.

    Once the mendicants are a majority and have a moral justification provided by politicians for voting themselves other people’s money it’s all over now baby blue.

    Hayekian managers will be returned for short periods each century when the State cycle collapses, but will be thrown out at the first sign of ability to again “redistribute”.

    The truth is horrible……50.1% of the US (many more in NZ) want to be kept and micro regulated by the State, their dependency they regard as good fortune, “the supervised life of the entitlement state” is just peachy.

    The Obama reelection is Marx’s greatest victory, greater even than the Russian revolution. It is a permanent victory.


  7. Red as always hits the nail on the head! The problem I find is what people call ‘the Right’ are normally actually left. Take a close look at the two biggest bloggs and bloggers, Kiwiblog and Whale. Most people would call them right wing but I dissagree somewhat while I agree they may be fiscally right wing. On Social issue they are left and in the case of DPF, way way left, he sits over with any Labour/Green looney supporter. He hates literally every socially conservatitive stand point or policy. So much so I can’t even bring myself to read his blog anymore.

    So this effects the rest of “the Right” into thinking well if they (DPF, Whale) are supposed to be right wing and they are way left of my point of view perhaps I am some kind or far right weirdo so in turn say nothing in fear of being vilified. But Red is right, we need to stand up and speak our point of view!!


  8. Dead right CiC, it took me a while to figure it out, I think the “marriage equality” issue has exposed this dichotomy very clearly. It’s the same problem (social/moral liberality) that destroyed the ACT party via Don Brash.


  9. They would be cowards, if selfless devotion to one’s country were their reason for being. But it is not. They are the ultimate Randians in the rawest sense: men (and women) acting in their own self-interest. However, they build nothing in their pursuit except personal fortune. They build government for fun and profit.

    It’s not cowardice. They will fiercely protect what they have built, and will burn entire countries and salt the earth in order to keep it. Boehner may weep, but those who have challenged his power quickly learn the term, “crocodile tears.”

    In fact, now I think about it, the Dems and GOP are merely that: reptilian crocodiles that co-operate when they need help rendering the body politic into manageable chunks of change.


  10. Thanks Joan. That strikes to the heart of my point.

    The Statist leviathan has one goal: its growth.
    The agenda is pushed by the Left party, the avante garde.
    The “Right” party on one hand acts like there’s nothing they can do but go along — the appearance of cowardice. But that cowardice and willingness to fight evaporates as it fights fiercely to hold off the rear guard — us, the conservatives.

    We try to fight because we don’t like that what is supposed to be our party is not an opposition party because it is led by go-along-to-get-along bunch of phonies when they are not the brains behind the game. So they fight ferociously when challenged by the real opposition to the growing world tyranny. The Right really needs to clean house. That will never happen if you relegate only to cowardice their behavior when “fighting” the Left. Treat them as traitors instead.


  11. Correction:
    But that cowardice and seeming unwillingness to fight evaporates when they are fighting us conservatives. They act as a rear guard would in battle. Keeping us occupied, leaving the statist battalions free to readjust. They were not prepared in 2010 to prevent their attrition by the TEA Party candidates, but they were prepared in 2012. Lt. Col West s concession today stands as a tribute to mainline GOP and Leftist Dem successful complicity.


  12. Here you go Redbaiter:

    If Boehner is a coward, then all conservatives must be worse. I really cannot believe that, cab you?

    Isn’t it really more likely that Boehner and his cadre are operating a rear guard action? In Mark Levin’s words, the speaker has set himself up as King of the House of Representatives. No conservative need apply for any committee chairmanship. The report in that link sure doesn’t sound like a coward, but more like a smooth operator. It seem his actions in close quarters away from the spotlight is inconsistent with that of the political coward he plays when he’s on the world stage. IMHO it’s a ruse to demoralize all conservatives. It appears to be working too.


  13. This Farrar fellow continues his whiny attempts of scaring the populace off the Greens, Labour and NZF. I am sure we all agree here that these aforementioned parties are nuts.

    But Farrar, let me tell you here (as I can’t be bothered to sign up to your pathetic excuse of a website): After the performance I have witnessed from the Nats and their head honcho Key over the last four or so years, I’d rather have my hand chopped off before I would ever make that tick for the Nats again.


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