TV3 Viewers vote Kim Dotcom more truthful than John Key

I’m no Nat Party John key sycophant. While I regret that Dotcom seems to have aligned himself with a pack of subversive lefties, I have to say that in general, I agree with his perspective on his arrest and imprisonment. The operation was gross overkill, the spying was illegal, and the arrest by its unnecessarily flamboyant nature seemed to be a favour to Hollywood and the Obama government.

Asked whether they believed John Key or Kim Dotcom regarding Key’s prior knowledge of Dotcom’s presence in the country, TV3 viewers voted 53% to 34% in favour of Dotcom, who said this in response-

“The Prime Minister’s subservient relationship with the United States, his ongoing brain fades, the new spy laws that are incompatible with our democracy, plus the ongoing political persecution against me, my family and friends might have contributed to this poll result. The truth will come out.”

Key was unimpressive when confronted by Key at the recent GCSB inquiry, but the fall out from that was overshadowed by the Nat cheer squad’s hypocritical and exaggerated criticism of Labour’s “Man Ban”.