Another Marxist academic mis-educating our children

In the late 1970s, when I left school, about 5000 Kiwis were unemployed. From 1984, we adopted a market model to organise our economic lives. This involved the privatisation of government assets, the adoption of free trade and the freeing up of markets. The acquisition of money and material possessions became the holy grail of what was considered the good life.

This is the opening paragraph to a complete wank of an article by yet another left wing teacher, wherein he laments endlessly about his loss of control over our lives and income.

How do people with such a simplistic narrow blinkered view of life gain positions teaching our young? I think we should specify that so called teachers should not be given any kind of certification unless they have some degree of real world experience with a minimum period of ten years in the private sector.

The article is in the Green Left Weekly of course.