$211 million behind this web page

Go and have a look at http://www.n4l.co.nz/ . Hekia Parata and Associate Education Minister Nikki Kaye have spent $211 million to set it up and I have the feeling its going to end up costing us a lot more.Here’s the blurb-

The government created Network for Learning (N4L) to build a managed network specifically designed for New Zealand’s 2500+ schools and create an environment that encourages the uptake of digital learning in a seamless way.

This managed network will ensure all schools have equitable access to safe, predictable, uncapped and fast internet as well as high quality teaching and learning resources.

The goal is to provide all New Zealand students with a seamless online experience that suits their individual skill, learning style, strengths, interests and needs, whilst recognising identity, language and culture.

Telecom have the contract to set the network up. The idea has all the right buzz words used in its promotion that is for sure. I’m skeptical regarding its real worth, and to me its looks like one of those airy fairy ideas that goes nowhere and ends up costing millions more than the budget. I’m hoping I’m wrong.