Sarah Palin, far more real accomplishments than Hillary Clinton

A good couple of articles on the Sarah Palin Hillary Clinton comparison.-

Goldberg points out that Ms. Clinton doesn’t really have any accomplishments to point to during her long career, as lawyer, first lady, senator, and secretary of state. She hasn’t actually said anything of interest, except perhaps the ghoulish dismissal of the murder of four American public servants, “What difference does it make?”

Contrast that rather thin record with that of Sarah Palin, whose partial term as governor was largely successful, featuring budget cuts, measures against official corruption, and approval of a gas pipeline. She was an immensely popular governor before the Democratic attack machine used the very ethics laws she caused to be passed to drive her out of office with frivolous lawsuits, using a loophole in the law that required public officials so charged to pay for their own defense. Palin, who was at the time not at all wealthy, was obliged to either resign as governor or else be driven into bankruptcy.

Before her resignation, she was a candidate for vice president in 2008 and providing the one element of hope and excitement in an otherwise lackluster campaign by the candidate on the top of the ticket, John McCain.

Palin went on to be the driving force in the political tsunami that elected hordes of Republicans in 2010. Even in 2012, a bad year in general for Republicans, Palin managed to make a difference, helping to elect GOP candidates like Ted Cruz, now a senator from Texas who has become an affliction to the overly comfortable political establishment.

Palin’s speeches and other public performance are always memorable. Whether it is decrying “death panels” that are a part of Obamacare or mocking New York Mayor Bloomberg with the visual aid of a large capacity soft drink cup, Palin never fails to delight her fans and enrage her enemies.

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4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, far more real accomplishments than Hillary Clinton

  1. Palin is smart woman who says the right things and is generally on the money, but I doubt she would ever get to be president; she simply gets ripped to bits by the far left. I think her best bet is to go for senator as she is thinking about doing; she has a real shot at that and would be great.


  2. details of poll referenced above

    PPP’s newest Alaska poll finds that Hillary Clinton would have a chance at winning the state in 2016…but only if Sarah Palin was the Republican candidate for President. Clinton would lead Palin 49/40 in a hypothetical match up. Only 18% of Alaskans think Palin should run in 2016 to 77% who think she shouldn’t, and even among Republican voters 72% think she should sit out the race.


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