Will the media hold Greenpeace to account for crew detainment in Russia?

Why aren’t the mainstream media holding Greenpeace management to account for the sorry plight of the crew of their protest ship in Russia?

What responsibility does Greenpeace management take for sending its workers into such hostile working places and putting them at risk of serious criminal charges?

How about the safety aspect of sailing a ship into dangerous waters and then asking the crew to scale or invade a working offshore oil rig?

What risk management and safety systems does Greenpeace deploy when carrying out this work? Is it as dangerous as working in a mine or on a rig itself? These operations when carried out by other companies are normally covered by strict safety codes that allow charges against any dereliction of duty in respect of employee safety. Why should Greenpeace be exempt?

There are a hundred questions that should be asked of Greenpeace now that NZers and other crew are detained in Russia and facing possible criminal charges that could be as serious as piracy and or industrial sabotage.

What do we hear from John Campbell? Nothing other than further advocacy for the cause when really there should be severe criticism of any employer who subjects its employees to this kind of danger and risk.

The families of those detained are going to be really impressed if their fathers, mothers, sons and daughters and other relatives end up spending 5 to 15 years behind bars in Russia.

Will we see any such criticism from NZ media, who customarily fawn over environmentalists like lovestruck teenagers at a Jason Bieber concert?

When pigs pilot spaceships around the sun we might. Its long past time the media took environmentalists to task as they would any other corporate organisation. They owe it to the craft of journalism.

9 thoughts on “Will the media hold Greenpeace to account for crew detainment in Russia?

  1. Greenpeace and their families will do what they have always done – wait for their respective governments to negotiate their release. They will never accept responsibility for their own actions. Hopefully the Russians, who are just about the only adult government around, will play hardball.


  2. They have so far Mawm. Leaving all of the usual watermelon criticisms aside, I wonder at the rationale behind this, for if there is risk there, then surely the antics of the “protesters” increase that risk. The guys drilling the well have to have their minds on the job, and they cannot do that when people are invading their rig.

    I agree entirely that the Russians are doing it right. How strange to say such a thing. 🙂


  3. Had the Russians really “played hardball” they’d just have sunk the fucker with all hands – which is quite legal under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which both NZ & Russia are signatories.


  4. The greenoids have nowhere near the public support they used to enjoy, which means they’ll have to find new causes or adopt even more extreme positions for their current ones.
    They’re yesterday’s zealots but their ever-younger support base will be slow to wake up to the fact.


  5. I’m still laughing–that piece of shit “Judge Holden” over at the blog he infests responding to those who hope the Greenpeace pawns get jailed…..apparently Russians are now “true right-wingers” and that’s why we approve of them arresting and jailing these clowns.
    The poor wee turd is terminally confused, methinks….


  6. Holden just another prog coward. He’s one of the reasons I don’t go to that blog anymore. The Veteran is another. (Old Adolf is still good value. At least he has some honour.)

    I’m starting to see cowardice more and more as the defining characteristic of many progs.


  7. Agree about Adolf–it’s a pity he keeps such crappy company.
    Just mailed you, about Trevor Loudon’s great video up at Francis Porretto’s place.


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