National apartheid govt continues to split NZ on racial grounds.

Jonathan Coleman is another Nat waste of oxygen. Here he is dolling out taxpayer money again to someone called “Maori” who are apparently in need of special health treatment. That no other NZer apparently needs.

Health Minister Jonathan Coleman says applications are now being taken for the Māori Health Development Scheme 2015/16. “The scheme is allocated $8.89 million each year which is spread over two programme areas – Māori health and disability provider development, and Hauora Māori Scholarships. The Hauora Māori Scholarships assists a minimum of 535 people each year who are studying across a range of fields such as nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy and social work.

“The Māori health workforce is a big asset for our health system and it needs our continued support in order to respond to Māori health needs,” says Dr Coleman.

Anyone working in the NZ health industry knows what a costly racist farce the apartheid system is. And why do these “Maori” people need further govt funding when they have received hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer funding in “compensation” and have assets to the value of roughly $50 billion? They’ve still got their damn greedy bludging hands out, and its mainly because idiots like Jonathon Coleman are still encouraging them.

Update: Here’s the proof these apartheid systems are not working-

Maori unemployment in 1981 was 14 percent, in 1993 it was 24 percent, and in 2012, it was 36.5 percent. In 2002, 38 percent of those on the domestic purposes benefit were Maori, and by 2012, it was 42.7 percent. In 2002, 23 percent of those on a sickness benefit were Maori, while in 2012 it was 28 percent. In 2002, 19 percent of those on an invalid’s benefit were Maori, while in 2012 it was 22.4 percent. (from Mike Butler at NZCPR)