Obama and media lie in unison on employment figures

Jim Clifton is the CEO of Gallup. He tells us why current unemployment figures (5.6%) produced by the Obama administration and lamely propogated by his MSM fan club are so very misleading.

1- If you are so hopelessly out of work that you haven’t looked for four weeks, you’re not recorded as unemployed.

2. If you’re mainly unemployed but work for one hour or earn $20 in any one week, you’re not counted.

3. If you work for 10 hours in a week you are not counted.

By factoring in these distortions Obama and the MSM can make it look like employment is at least at an acceptable level. However looking at it more realistically, and defining work as being a job where you have at least 30 hrs a week and a regular paycheck, it covers only the staggeringly low rate of 44% of the adult population.

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