Nikki Kaye- $85000 of taxpayer's money to special treatment for LGBTI youth

Nikki_Kaye_BGO Writing that title made me think. The number of initials in LGBTI seems to be growing every year. Once it was merely lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual. Now we have transgender and intersex tacked on to the end. Given Facebook’s sign up facility is meant to have something like 30 different options for sexual category, this acronym could conceivably grow to the point where its the longest ever. Surely some of them are over lapping.

This funding handout is a Nikki Kaye/ John key initiative. They both like dividing our country up into warring groups. By race. By flag. By male/ female. By rich/poor. By sexual orientation. Anything they can do to make our society a seething group of political factions they do it.

Nikki justifies her need to take $85000 from those who have earned it and spend it on some group who identify as LGBTI by these words-

“By and large, LGBTI young people are doing well, but reports over several years have shown there’s a need for more support services. One of the most concerning issues is that LGBTI young people are five times more likely than other young people to attempt suicide or deliberately self-harm.

“They are also more likely to be bullied, physically harmed or afraid that someone may hurt them.It’s crucial that support is available to address this, and the funding I’ve announced today will help organisations better support LGBTI youth.”

“I’m proud to announce this funding on the first day of the Auckland Pride Festival, a three-week celebration of diversity, tolerance, respect and the Rainbow community.”

So apparently existing facilities are not good enough. We need special arrangements, and special funding for yet another “different” group in our society. So the cultural Marxists succeed in driving another wedge into our social cohesion, and the National party continues its weak pandering for votes without any idea of the underlying political motivation behind the concept of “diversity”.

John Key, Nikki Kaye and the rest of the ultra-liberals and Progressives in National are not the people we need to be governing this country. Useful idiots who have no idea of the forces that are manipulating them.

Shame about Nikki really. She’s one of the hardest working politicians and has a good sense of humour. She just doesn’t understand the simple point that a strong and successful society is a united society.