Cultural Marxism- Dennis and Victoria on the outer at SNL40 anniversary?

A few days ago the iconic comedy show Saturday Night Live had its 40th anniversary.

Victoria Jackson spent six years as an SNL cast member but this didn’t earn her an invitation to participate in the comedic routines by producer Lorne Michaels, nor was she invited to watch in the studio. She was the only cast member in the overflow room.

Another former member not seen at the event was Dennis Miller.

I guess its a coincidence that both these comedians now advocate for Conservatism.

Jackson said-

“You cannot make fun of Obama. Even SNL does not make fun of Obama. They are afraid. Several people in the celebrity crowd whispered to me that they share my political views…and that I think it’s interesting that they had to whisper. Fear of Blacklist? Freedom of Speech? It used to be cool to disagree with the Government, what happened? Why is Obama’s Administration the only one that is off-limits to questioning?!

She says she later met the producer who came into the overflow room and after seeing Victoria, took her back with him to the main room.

She concluded by saying-

“So, it’s still a mystery. Did Lorne Michaels’ 20 year old assistant make a mistake and hand me the wrong bracelet? (Bracelets were handed out telling the ushers/security team which room you were assigned to). Was I blacklisted for disagreeing with the President/media’s ideology? Was it because I am a Christian? Is it because I believe in the Biblical definition of marriage and publicly spoke out against homosexual themes in prime time TV shows? Is Lorne ashamed of me? What do you think?”

Whatever, I reckon this is a good enough excuse to post Victoria’s latest hit. “There’s a Muslim living in the White House.”

If that gave you a smile then you might like to watch the preceding hit- “There’s a Communist living in the Whitehouse”.

Keep up the good work Vicky. You’re an authentic star, and if the liberal/ progressive weasels at SNL don’t know that, its their problem.