More to the return of donation than we know?

The NZ Herald says

Last night, Jami-Lee Ross said he did not intend to insult Mr Liu and any negative publicity associated to the businessman was not the reason the $25,000 was returned. He said the Liu donation was given to be used in the local Botany campaign, but was not spent as a $24,000 donation from the National Party covered his expenses. “So when the [donation and expense] returns were being put together after the election, it was decided the $25,000 should be returned to the donor because it was not used.

The National Party must think we all came down in the last shower. They had $25 grand sitting in an account and they preferred giving it back to using it??? Incredible to anyone who has passed the age of twelve.

So this raises the question- what was the real reason the Nats gave the money back? It has to be something that reflects badly upon them or they wouldn’t be trying to smokescreen the issue.

Difficult to say what it could be at this time. It could be just some mix up over listing the donation or not listing and some potential breach of election law. Who knows? However, the Chicoms have made some noise recently about getting alleged Chinese criminals engaged in corruption back to China to face charges.

China has no extradition treaty with NZ at the moment. There are rumours that a list of 400 names of alleged Chinese criminals exists. John Key said back in December last year that these names had not been passed on to the govt “to his knowledge”.

Does this list really exist? If so has it been officially or unofficially passed on to the National government? 400 is a big number. Could there really be that number of crooks hiding from the Chinese govt in New Zealand?

if so that is one hell of a big story and potentially damaging to both Labour and that Nats. Maybe more so to the Nationals.