MSM meme on closure of aboriginal communities avoids main point (as usual)

I wrote on Abbott’s decision to stop federal to state funding of remote aboriginal communities a day or so ago. This decison has spurred the expected backlash with expressions of outrage and insult being expressed by all of the expected parties. Example-

Aborigine camp

Some Indigenous leaders said Mr Abbott’s choice of words were “deranged” and “hopeless” and misunderstood the connection many Indigenous people have to their cultural lands.

However, in all of the reporting I have seen lately, that as usual is heavily biased against Abbott anyway, there is not one mention of the core issue here and that is funding.

Indigenous leaders are not having their lifestyle or whatever they wish to call it taken away from the. They have the freedom still to live where ever they choose. What’s different is that they will need to fund it themselves rather than rely on every other Australian for funds.

That is the issue. This question- why should people who choose a certain lifestyle assume that lifestyle should be funded by the taxpayer?

No MSM that I can see are approaching the problem from this perspective, which IMHO is how it should be approached. Neither have I seen any real justification to continue that funding. All I see read and hear so far are shrieks of outrage.