Stats show immigrants continue to flood into NZ

According to Statistics NZ’s latest report, New Zealand had a seasonally adjusted net gain (more arrivals than departures) of 5,000 migrants in March 2015, consistent with the average monthly net gain of 4,900 since August 2014.

The annual net gain of migrants was a record-high 56,300 in the March 2015 year, well up from 31,900 in the March 2014 year, and 2,500 in the March 2013 year. Migrant arrivals were up 16 percent from the March 2014 year, while departures were down 13 percent.

The biggest net gains of migrants in the March 2015 year were from India (12,100), China (7,700), the United Kingdom (4,900), and the Philippines (4,000). About three-quarters of migrants from India, and half of migrants from China, arrived on student visas.

So don’t forget readers, according to John Key and his flunkies in National, although we’re experiencing a record migrant intake, its not having any effect on house prices that are also rising at record rates.